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Another day on the sofa

Yep what everyone would like to do chilling laying on the sofa is my nightmare and means I'm having a rough time for the last 18 months I have suffered with fnd it stands for functional neurological disorder and none epileptic seizures oww and if that wasn't bad enough lately the new thing to spring on me in muscle spasms and locking but owww now this hasn't stayed to one side like the weakness this is greedy and does both the last two day both my legs have been spasming and hurting not sure what to do out it so going for another date with the gp we have become like friends see him that often well abit about me now I suppose as its my first blog I'm 37 female in a happy relationship with a 17 years old son and my life was so normal up until 15 July 2011 I worked full time drove my car loved to go put and party now I have lost all of that instead my days are spent between sleeping and trying to walk a little then get tired so sleep then seizure and sleep again oww I lead an exciting life lol but you wait till I'm better I'm so going to make up for lost time well enough for me today as I go along I will explain more about what happens everyday xxxx

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Hi there..i'm a fnd since july 2009 and my life has totally changed and i too watch tv each day to calm my body down and not stimulate new symptoms..i have friends on another fnd site that recommend magnesium to help your muscles due to the spasms...this is a reckless disease with no respect to our human goals and desires. I too had professional endeavors respected in my field, drove my car and many first 2 years of the disease was full exhaustion and brain just could not do anymore and i needed to in year 3 i have more days of joy and just activity in my own home. when the seizures come at full blast they can last for hours and for several days...Afterward i am exhaused and need up to 2 days to rest and overcome the physical tiredness. Also i then become fearful because my body is doing something i don't understand and there are no explanations. The days are long and lonely as we have cut my interactions with people because they are triggers that start a new set of symptoms...There is a lot of support on a FB page called Just me and we have a very active dialogue for support and understanding...there is are not alone.. we have a rare disease...that baffles doctors and researchers....we will be able to do more as we learn more about our individual situations and learn to adjust our grateful to find one more person who is battling this disease i can think clearly and read a lovely book...hope and joy to you bev


i too have been like this since july 2010 i had left side weak and my left arm went dead then dizzy spell start and shakes but it so worse i lost how walk was in hospital when finally they say you have functional movement disorder and then i was guinea pig and they try physio and it help but i get days where i no want do or go anywhere as so tired and pain is unbearable.i was full time pharmacy assistant loved work and driving and always rush look after my two boys but now i feel i child and they my carers lucky for me my paRTNERS HAD LEARN WHAT DO HOW DO.but i get down especially now my hips inflamed and have take more pills but i think when peole tell you rush you want shout go away as it frustrating try tell body what do.


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