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Just had my follow up appointment with Dr Mallam at the Rosa burden centre Bristol. First of all she puts you at ease straight away and is very easy to communicate medical problems.

We went through everything thing from tremors in hands and legs and that I use the distraction procedure to combat this it works a treat.

My posture is much better after physio supremo Pat video’s your walking and you can see how horribly you walk I walked hunched up but now have better posture and the little amount I can walk is much easier using the hip sway movement you use less energy and can walk slightly faster.

Unfortunately due to 2 spinal operations spinal fusion on L4 & a disc decomposition on L5, I have degeneration that cannot be fixed with surgery so have to accept pain and walking are slowly getting worse.

Cannot lift knees when in a siting position and have numbness in my lower left leg to just above the knee can feel pressure slightly but cannot feel pain prick . Cannot cross legs when asked to and problem lifting foot when heel is down and try and lift toes can do a little bit.

Forgot to say to Dr Mallam about paralysis I’m getting can be one limb or all four limbs started with just my left leg but then moved onto right leg then arms at first just paralysis which can last for 20mins up to 6 hours. Now as well as the paralysis I’m getting severe pain in my elbows and shoulders and it’s all the time I’m trying to get them to move score it 20 out of 10 doesn’t ease off until my arms are fully working again with legs just paralysis and no severe pain when trying to get them to connect with brain signals. Wondered if anyone else gets severe pain after paralysis of arms as it new and not nice and advice on how to stop the pain would be great.

My short term memory is also terrible forget what day it is or the month and if in a conversation and someone says something and distracts me I have forgot what I was talking about. Going to using google to remind me about appointments as forgetting those as well.

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Hi I am not sure if this is helpful or not but I will give this a go... I have 3 cavernomas in my brain that either leak blood or can bleed as in a hemorrhagic stroke and it was during this stroke that I had paralysis on the right side. Now when the sensation and movement was coming back it was a nurse that told me this would be sore and it went from a pain I thought I would just enjoy to a 20 out of 10 pain and I was buzzing the nurse and asking for morphine it got so bad. When the feeling and movement came back the pain went. Now I have heard of a few people talking about paralysis but what I dont know is whether it leaves you with a deficit on the involved limb, for me I have a full side deficit but no more strokes....wishing you good luck xx


Eventually movement comes back again with no deficit long term.

Hi I'm glad that you managed to get into the RBC at Bristol, I'm told that they are very good. Neurologist says that my FND symptoms are not chronic enough for me to go?

I have tremors in my hands and legs. Can you briefly tell me what the distraction tion procedures were, that you found so useful?

All the best Cornishman


When a tremor comes on you can just tap your hand against a leg or your body start to concentrate on this and tremor should stop simple because a humans brain can only concentrate on one thing.

Let me know if it works for you

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