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Severe leg vibrating



Just suffered what I call severe leg vibrating, out of no where both legs start severely shakes/vibrations and just have to wait until they stop latex about 1min with no control of it I try and use distraction technique but don’t seem to work.

Then when trying to get up from a lying position all four limbs start shaking not as fast as when legs started shaking but again uncontrollable

Any other suffers of F.N.D out there get these symptoms and how can you control them.


Mark H.....

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Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear about this episode, which is very distressing to suffer from.

My wife has FND, and had these symptoms quire regular up to a few years ago, and still can get them unexpectedly.

She's on Baclofen, which does help in minimizing the tremors.

When it does happen, the only thing that seems to calm her legs down, is when I hold her legs and massage them whilst this is happening.

If someone is near you when this happens, then I would suggest they try this, and hopefully it will do the trick.

Why this works?

Well Mark, I did ask a Paramedic once, and apparently my body signals seem to affect Kim's signals somehow, and it's as if Kim's body recognises a new set of signals on her body.

It's distressing to experience, and also for the loved one witnessing it, and my wife appreciates the pain you go through when it happens.

Hope this helps you Mark.

Stay safe and well, and if we can help you with anything more, please don't hesitate to reply.

Warmest of wishes always.

Tony and Kim xx 💕

Many thanks will keep in mind next time it happens

Mark H..

You're welcome.

All the best.

Tony and Kim

My housemate has intermittent limb shaking. There is no pre-warning, can last up to five minutes and is quite severe. Lengthy post event exhaustion. Occasional absences and head pressure and muscles spasms. Into fifth year now.

Mygeordiebud in reply to Pottsy1

No no warning comes out of nowhere

Pottsy1 in reply to Mygeordiebud

This is what makes it so difficult. If there was some sort of warning it would be easier to manage. My friend saw a specialist psychologist (waste of time) who insisted there had to be a warning and you could stop it by distracting yourself at that point!!!!

Mygeordiebud in reply to Pottsy1


Thanks for reply.

No chance it just comes from anywhere no warning can be lying down or even out walking. Distraction doesn’t stop it a tremor in my hand can be distracted but not this just have to wait for it to stop by this time I’m totally warn out.

Bloody nightmare don’t really want to take any more drugs (prescribed) as take enough I suffer from bursa sack pain in hip and shakes sent pain through the roof.


Mygeordiebud in reply to Pottsy1

Hi thanks for reply;

Yeah comes from nowhere and leaves you absolutely knackered.

Since I don’t have any before triggers I’ve just got to get better half to lay/push down on legs till it’s passed.

Suffering from 2 different water infections at same time so that may be why they are getting more often.

Mark H....

Hello, yes I have these symptoms. I like them to restless leg syndrome, and for me keeping well hydrated, drinking filtered water, helps to lessen them. Hope this helps in som eway

Hi thanks for reply I drink lots but it comes from nowhere no warning and leaves you totally knackered


Hi again, I feel your pain. They can be controlled to some extent by anti-spamodic medication and/or muscle relaxants, if you aren't already prescribed these. I don't know your medical history, obviously, but if this is a recent development, you could request a neurology appointment, or a review. Or a change of doctor!! Good luck, and please share when you do make progess. Incidentally I'm up so late because mine are playing up! Best wishes

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