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Hi Guys, Hope Your All Doing As Well As You Can. April 13th is our 6th Annual International Awareness Day And We Would Love for Everyone To get involved. We need to spread as much Awareness as we can, If your in any of our Fndhope Groups you will see all the links on how to involved, Its going to be a Great Day, so please Join us, Take a look at our Merchandise Shop as well we have Wrist bands, Ribbons, Toto Bags,Get something ready for the Awareness Day, Get family and friends involved too.

fndhope.org.uk/donate/merch... (UK Merchandise ) Postage is Included within The UK,Outside of the UK,Please contact me at sal@fndhope.org to Discuss Postage. Thank You x

Take care Everyone and Have a Good Day, Love & Light, Never Give Up Hope xx

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