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FND Magazine article - Australia

Hi guys,

I'm a feature writer at Take 5 Magazine. I'm looking to talk to someone who suffers with FND, in particular having very bad memory loss every day, so having to be reminded of their life each morning when they wake up.

Would love to raise awareness about this in the magazine. If you have a story, please get in touch.




Senior Feature Writer

Take 5 Magazine


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Hi Rebekah, I have FND I do suffer from some memory loss with it but isn't too bad. I know a few ppl from Facebook group called functional neurological disorder, who suffer from it badly. My friend Kez malloch would be a great person for your article.

Kind regards

Katie Crombie


Hi Katie x how is every one doing and on the fnd page x hope everyone is doing as well as they can do and when is the next fair happing x keep in touch and say hi to keep and all xx


Hi Rebakah, we do have members on our Facebook support group from Australia so will look into passing your enquiry on. If you would like any further information from us please contact bridget@fndhope.org. Many thanks, Kim


I have that short term is w aste d and long term is going


Please Skype myself I can speak of how this is taking my life away. Nick.Manely

nbmanely@q.com I am doing light therapy to try to slow down vision loss and weird blindness. my arms no longer work and havent been right in 6 yrs. I am very very close to being in wheelchair.So much to expres to you for article it is unreal.

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Hi I was diagnosed on Monday with FND after 5 years of being unwell , I'm struggelling with the diagnosis and the fact that there is not much information in regards to this condition or why I have to see a shirnk , I can't control my flare ups and the pain is so unbearable .. feeling lost confused and broken 😭😭😭


If you are still looking for anyone let me know


Hi Ronwyn, I am writing a news story on FND awareness day and would love to interview you if you are available.

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Hi Sarah

I would love to do an interview about FND anything to spread awareness .


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