Flu Shot

I am wondering if anyone gets the Flu shot? I was originally told not to get it as it was thought that I may have had Guilliane Barre. Since being told I have FND I wonder if I should start getting the Flu shot again?

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  • Quick answer - yes - the flu coming (Australia etc get it earlier in the year) looks like a bad one and the jab covers it. Check with your GP that it isn't contraindicated, but the last thing you need on top of FND is to be wiped out for a fortnight with flu

  • Thank you, I will be calling my primary to get one soon.

  • I get one as the doctor advised me to because I've got a neurological condition

  • Thanks Mart!

  • Dbar my wife has fnd..she just got her flu shot..all good so far...although she did get sick flu like symptoms..people say u get sick from the flu shot but others say that's not true

  • Not sick as in fnd but sick as in getting the flu

  • Thank you Cmb3210..I hope to get one this week.

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