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Hi guys... ok so last 2 weeks been getting pains in my shoulders , hands, knees , legs, elbows, finger joints... anyone else get this altogether ?? Taking paracetamol but coupled with eye pain and headache I'm exhausted! Hurts knees to walk and legs kind of give away.... virus? Fnd? All bloods clear in the last few months so it doesn't look like RA.

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  • I have started to have this problem recently as well. I don't have an answer as to why it is happening though.

  • Yes I do as well. I'm only 43 but sometimes walk like I'm 93. Recently I've been having more cramps in the right leg which also has a mind of its own, sore feet which feel hot and prickly and general aching etc all over with fatigue. Take a look at as well as this site as there's plenty of info on there to look at.

  • Hi how you doing today!!! Snap I’m 43 too and feel like I’m in my 90’s... I’ve read the site lots.... was just wondering if anyone had any new insights or ideas 🙈🤗.

  • Very few things seem to make a massive difference at the minute. As I've only been diagnose 5months or so I'm still trying to work things out. Warm baths, stretching, light massage offer some relief. Does anyone have facial tics with occassional involuntary noises or words? Seems have started a few months ago and is getting worse.

  • Nope not had that facial tics... I used to get like a shock up my neck and my head would jolt but that’s stopped.. My guest attack was 4 years ago I’ve been diagnosed 18 months...

    I struggle to pace as I’m so used to doing everything from house work to advocating to studying law, boot camp

    Work outs.... running kids around, fishing... looking after other people’s kids, running pta lunches, being classparent, running support groups, and now I’m knackered just getting out of bed 😱.

  • Perhaps try magnesium supplements either as tablets, Epsom Salts baths or oil massaged in. Also worth having a few blood tests. B12 Folate Iron D Magnesium and potassium. The arthritis type pains may respond to Naproxen 500mg 2x daily (mine do) but as with all medications do speak to your GP first please.

  • Cheers!! I’ve had 18 blood tests in last 3 months and all normal, but not sure if they tested the ones you’ve mentioned so I’ll ask, thank you x

  • B12 is a contentious issue. The level is often regarded as ok when in fact it isn't. The NICE guidelines state that action should be taken at a higher level if there is neurological involvement but many GPS are unaware of this so please do get the results printed! Anything below B12 of 450 of Folate of mid range MAY need supplementation and is worth trying to see if it helps. Maybe take a look at

  • Hi

    I've had FND now for so long - seizures, paralysis, cognitive ability affected, speech slurred bla bla bla but I have been getting a painful thumb for months now and hip (and other thumb beginning to show very very early signs that it will probably follow the same path as the other!. I'm fairly stoical and told my GP that and that I've broken bones, punctured lung etc so only made appointment because thumb has now started interfering with my daily functioning. X-ray showed no arthritis (excellent) but I've bought an off the peg thumb support. Will see how that goes as I only bought it yesterday!

    Is this just another acquiring of an FND symptom as I've never suffered from joint problems? Will ask Jon Stone - seeing him in about 2 weeks.


  • i get extreme pains in my hips, which was one of my first symptoms and it still happens today. i get shooting pains in y abdomen and knees and other parts of my body every so often as well, but my hips have been a common occurrence

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