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Body jerks when watching tv

Hi I have numerous symptoms migraines aching neck back joints burning patches exhaustion but my latest last three months has been body jerks when trying to relax on sofa! They last all night unless I stand up and start house jobs!!

Seen neurologist who ordered an EEG I had a jerk during the deep breathing session but my scan showed no abnormal brain! Have not seen the consultant yet but what else could be the cause of all my symptoms?

MRI of head was clear last December my neck showed 3 buldging discs!

I have stage 3a kidney disease endometriosis and I'm on 20,000 vitamin D once a week !

Does anyone suffer from body jerks when relaxing what tests did they have done and what diagnoses did you get ( mycolonic jerks is what they say I am having but why they don't know yet but have ruled out epelepsy!

Getting concerned as another symptom to add to my already unhealthy body ! 😥

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I hope things get better

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I was prescribed Clonazapam for myoclonic jerks. It would be set off by sudden noises or scary situations that would startle me or as I was beginning to relax. Even unpleasant thoughts could set it off. No cause could be found and some neurologists argued that I didn't have it. All I know is that it is unpleasant and embarrassing. The dose of Clonazapam was increased over the years and it did help. Now that I am retired and life is not so stressful I have weaned myself off of all medication. The body jerks are a little worse but soothing music, less stress and a healthier diet helps. My very best wishes to you :)


I hope you don't mind me asking do you drive and if so did you have to inform dvla? Are you allowed to drive on medication for jerks? Thanks for your post x


I did inform the DVLA 28 years ago :) and was on a 3 year licence for a while before being granted an ordinary licence again. After a major relapse when I was hospitalised for 5 days 5 years ago and because the clonazapam had been significantly increased I asked a neurologist if I was fit to drive and his answer was 'good heavens, no one with FND has killed anyone with their driving. I thought that was a very irresponsible answer ! I use common sense and don't drive if I am fatigued. I wear AFOs on both legs and drive an automatic car. I lost all my benefits last year at an initial PIP interview so had to buy my car. I felt that the battle to appeal would have damaged my health even further. I hope this helps. x


I started with uncontrollable movements/jerking abut 3 months ago. They seem to correlate with use of energy..sensory overload. I also have burning/ numbness/tingling in feet/legs/arms/hands/neck back. An EEG was supposed to be ordered by new neuro who basically blew me off at out first, 15 minutes long appt. Hasn't been ordered yet after almost 5 weeks.My last MRI in 2015 mentioned problems that showed up as possible MS. This is not being taken seriously, nor am I. My former neuro, who is out on indefinite medical sick leave due to a reocurrence of the cancer, told me that FND is "real" it is a physiological disorder and not psychosomatic. I do not think most neuros believe this...they think it is ''all in your head," then proceed from that place, mistreating patients and kicking them to the curb. I have read that there are Non-epeleptic myoclonic jerks..attributed to emotional issues. What a conundrum!

I also recently read about Autonomic neurologists who are diagnosing patients with "mystery Disorders." I am going to follow-up on getting more info.

Do hope yo get some answers and real support soon. I fully understand how awful this is. I have been ill for almost 8 years.


Hey I also get body jerks when trying to relax and when sleeping! I'm on an anti depressant!! First one was awful didn't leave house for weeks! Changed to a new one and yes it works! Now on one a day from one every 2 days and still working now just the odd jerk in my sleep!! Hugs hope you find something that works!!


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