Anyone else ??

So I was pip with mobility as I cannot walk without a frame and even with a frame cant walk very far when my symptoms are at their worst I can't get around without help cant comprehend what people are saying unable to write .Basically I dont function at all !

Bearing this in mind ESA have told me I am fit for work and to find a job ! Ok ESA youhave never met me I have worked since I left school I had a great job that I loved if I could still work I would !

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  • That's quite normal for ESA and for PIP too. You just need to appeal and keep on appealing. Mind you they seem to be getting more and more restrictive as time goes on - a lot of people who were in receipt first time round are now being refused, so be prepared to be disappointed. And if that doesn't work REMPLOY is often quoted as a great source of help for finding jobs that are suitable for those with differing degrees of impairment, as a way back to paid work.

  • I am so very sorry, how sad they dont see people but only the bottom dollar. Sending prayers your way. I would never be able to hold any kind of a job when I am dysfunctional. I like you am unable to move, talk, even open my eyes..Its all so crazy, pray your appeal will go favorably. God Bless, Cathy

  • Its awful Cathy I would love to return to work I had my own successful business before this I worked for the first 2 years but just couldn't carry on on the advise of my consultant I finally threw in the towel ! But im still smiling ...when my mouth lets me lol 😁

  • I can relate to you so much. I too had my own successful cleaning business, would make great money, and loved my job and who I worked with. In an instant it was all gone, and I too mourned for what use to be. But I too keep smiling, knowing that I am the same me only different. I have great love and support in my life and I enjoy the life to the fullest on my good days and strive to find peace on my bad. Even if I am unable to move or talk, or like you smile straight, if I am not in a seizure I can pray for someone, or enjoy the sweet touch of a loved one, or a caring song by my daughter. This life is only temporary...There is a verse found in 2 Corinthians that says we fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, what us unseen is eternal. God Bless you and all today. Cathy :-)

  • If you are planning on an appeal I strongly recommend these guys help - they get a lot of successes -

  • My helper called in yesterday and had words , I called them but I couldn't explain properly. They didnt have all the facts of my condition. Just have to wait now.

  • Just checked them out thanks they look fab !!

  • Appeal! Write about your worst days and how they affect you!, Get people who you know now and before when you was well to write a testimony. Ask for a 're-trial' and don't give up!

  • Keep fighting! Lol says me who hasn't even tried yet 😱

  • They took it away I couldn't make an appointment coz of my FND so now apparently im fit for work ! I wish I'd love to my hands on someone's nails and lashes !!! 😁

  • I strongly agree with getting help and advice from people who know how the system works. CAB or many community advice centres are more than happy. PIP will find any loophole in your wording to disallow your claim. If we believe what the papers and radio programs say, they seem to be on some sort of targets. Appeal the decision. Reapply if it is already too late BUT GET HELP FILLING IT IN. We/us with FND do seem to have a dreadful time explaining our case and proving that this condition is every bit as debilitating as MS or Parkinsons etc. Giving your description of how you are affected you should definitely be entitled to some level of benefit.

    Take care and persevere, don't feel guilty about claiming either as we are not charity cases, we are human beings suffering from a difficult and life changing condition.

    Good Luck

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