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Morning, so had eye test again Monday as I can feel my vision is not right... so actual vision a slight change but there's a problem with my right eye not seeing the same as left eye! So correct with a prism so it confuses my brain into seeing one thing not two!! She's writing to go and prof Edwards to get me referred to a specialist but said if double vision gets stuck and won't correct with blinking and glasses go to hospital asap! Anyone have vision issues??


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Hello, I was diagnosed with FND last week. I also have problem with my left eye, I have always add good sight in this eye, however since my illnesses my sight as deteriorated. Please read as much as you can... this Disorder is no fun....!!!!!


Oh hello? Did I post that? Yes!! Vision has been one if the worst symptoms of my journey since brain tumor. If you haven't had an MRI get one. If you have- get the prism. You will feel like your eye has had a massage!

I have swelling in my right hand,my right eye - (which effects my vision) and right ankle.

If you have swelling too please contact me and I will tell you the tests to get!

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My iop in right eye is 22 and 16 in left and ocular motility..... reading up it looks like they think could be glaucoma 😱. Need to see gp to get referral to eye hospital get it double checked.... hoping wait is not too long !!


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