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So at what point should I tell dvla about double vision! Eye test shows left eye went from +1.00 to +1.50 and cyl change from ds to 0.25 and axis changed to 160.

Right eye 0.74 to 1.00 the rest is normal!

I'm getting new lenses to help correct it but I don't want to tell dvla and end up jobless if they decide I should stop driving!!! I've never had an accident and other than driving in the dark I don't have any major issues!!!

Thank you 😜

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the DVLA website is pretty clear on this:


(double vision)

Group 1

Car and motorcycleGroup 2

Bus and lorry

✘- Must not drive and must notify the DVLA.

Driving may be licensed after the DVLA has received confirmation that the diplopia is controlled, for example by:

■ glasses or

■ a patch for which there is an undertaking to use it while driving (but note the requirements for monocular vision above)

Exceptionally, a stable uncorrected diplopia endured for 6 months or more may be licensable with the support a consultant specialist’s report of satisfactory functional adaptation

I think that tells you all you need to know. You are not covered by your insurance if you drive with a medical condition which you should have notified, and if you have not done so to avoid licence withdrawal.

You will be eligible for a disabled bus pass if your licence is withdrawn by DVLA for medical reasons.


You NEED to notify right away! The sight states this too

The issue now is that you can be charged by police if you had accident.

Even if you have not had one in past then that's great but that won't stop you from having one in future

I understand your job is on line.. advice

Notify dvla then if they stop you driving go to doctor and explain about how this has affected you and maybe get a sickline to cover you while the dvla looks into situation

If there was an accident and someone was killed.. your medical records from docs and from opticians will be looked at and could go against you if not dealt with.

Please don't take this wrong way but your motives for not notifying them are selfish .. your putting yourself and your job before the law and other people's safety



No i fully understand.. I'm self employed so no car no job! I'll call today see what they say !! Unfortunately my husband does not agree he says I'm fine so don't bother... but I worry incase I did have an accident!! I'd never forgive my self!!!


It's not up to your husband to decide if you are fine.

I notified the dvla re FND as they hadn't dealt with it before

It was an intense medical process of many doctors looking into my symptoms etc. I was told not to drive unless my consultant felt I was safe to do so.

You NEED to do this! Please do it anytype of double vision is dangerous to drive with

You have a legal responsibility to do this.


Don't worry I'm calling today!! Thanks!


Just spoke to lady at DVLA they will send out a medical form that must be returned within 21 days or they will revoke my license! Basically as long as the Dr/opticians say I can drive then it's ok! I said my optician said I'm ok to drive as long as I wear my glasses and that they will provide a letter to state I'm ok to drive as the glasses correct my vision!!

Thanks for the advice I followed through and so far the world kept turning!!

Have a good day 😀

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Great to here that. I hope it all works out well. I have to notify them of my seizures in July and they said my best option was to surrender my licence. I'm not sure if it helps when you're self employed - I imagine it would - but if you need to contact Access to work as they are providing taxi costs to fund my to/from work travel (when I eventually return!) Good luck


I'm a rep and recruit people so I travel around a 30 mile radius! At the end of the day if I developed the seizures and other problems lots of others have I would without a second thought give up my car!! Here to things staying stable for a while xxx hugs have good days 😀


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