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Hey folks

Trust you are all well? It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me & my family. My dad was rushed to hospital with heart issues and stopped breathing twice when they were working on him. He was fitted with a pacemaker after a week of deciding what to do etc. During this all I had great friends messaging me from fnd hope which was really encouraging.

Anyways ...

Today is Easter Sunday.. a day people spend eating chocolate for breakfast... watching old school films and having family time

But for me.. it's more than that..

The real meaning is about Jesus

After being killed on the cross and taking on our wrongs and sins for everyone who believe and trusts in him.

Today though.. he rose from the dead ... then over the next 30 days appeared to many people confirming he was alive and confusing the authorities :)

Anyway... remember there is always hope in all circumstances.. when there seems there is no way.. there is.

Always here if you have questions.

These views and beliefs are my own and I have experienced so much peace from God through my fnd journey.

God bless

enjoy the chocolate egg for breakfast

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your lovely message. I'm glad to hear you have such strong faith to help you, as FND is a definite struggle.

Also hoping your dad is on the mend

Happy Easter 🐣



Yeah he will be ok just off work for 4 weeks then will be back and strong too :)

Have a good day

God bless



Love you Andy!


Hi Andy!

All the very best and we both are sending you all our prayers and wishes

in the hope that things improve for you all.

Loving wishes always.

Tony & Kim xx

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Thanks everyone :-)


hi andy so sorry to hear about your dad and I'm hoping he is on the recovery road now many people forget about the reason easter takes place your messages are inspirational :)

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Thanks :)


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