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Fascinating talk with info

Check this video out. It's long and not DIRECTLY about Our Mysterious Condition - and YET... you will see the connections. The man is talking about the BIOLOGY of depression/stress. SCIENCE!!!

When you get shuffled off to a mental health professional you will very rarely - if at all - hear about the biology of what's going on. Mostly because the folks you are sent to see know very little about it and focus their efforts solely on the behavioral stuff.

You may want to take some notes for further research and maybe listen to it a couple of times.

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I firmly believe there is a big connection with biology and chemical composition of the brain. I have a clear correlation between my medication and my fnd symptoms , I struggled to keep a daily diary of both and then put the data into a spreadsheet. I am puzzled why the pros have not researched this area thoroughly as again we are a whole system and nerves etc need chemicals to operate. I suppose the difficulty is that you can't measure the amount of chemicals in a persons brain but it is certainly an area I would be investigating .


Exactly !!!

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