Chest pains, what's with that?

Hi. I'm curious about the chest pains we get. I've had all the tests in regard to my heart (which is healthy) but still do get palpitations and a cramping heavy feeling? I do get tremors also but they're different to this. When I was young (14 on ward) I used to get very strong stabbing pain which I was told were cramps.

I have always had a fast heart rate and low BP. Lately cholesterol is up, heart rate over 100 and BP was higher doctors overlooked it in consultation. I'm just curious about it.

If you get it have you got any answers and do you know what to do to relieve it (aside from breathing and redirection techniques)... T.I.A

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  • Hi

    This has been one of my most problematic problems, like you I have had all the heart tests including a cardio pulmonary excersise test and all came back fine but I can't shake this chest pain/heaviness which always gets worse when I stand up from sitting or walk up stairs or any incline. Personally I haven't found a lot that helps except drinking lots of water I don't know if it is a low blood volume problem or not.

  • Sorry to hear your'e having problems with that too. 😞

    Hydration is a big thing, so thank you for reminding me about that.

    I know if I'm anxious it is worse so I remain pretty chill, but was just wondering what it is exactly as it can last hours at a time or for extended periods?

    Hmmm 🤔 another to the list of the unknown. You'd think the heart would be working harder with everything happening and with muscle issues etc... the heart being one that it is affected but not in a serious manner like they run standard tests for? Obviously it isn't angina or something bad.

    I think I will concur it is to do with the the muscles. I also think that as we become less active the heart has to work harder due to lack of fitness etc?

    That's my thoughts...l am not a doctor but makes some sense??

  • I am curious too. Same thing. Thought I was having a heart attack. Everything checked out fine although I did have interesting after the test symptoms. I checked out negative for GERD too. Nitro did help the one time I took it BP 210 / 98! But now I carry TUMS in my bag . Whenever that pain starts I take 3- 6. Really helps! Not sure why. I know the esophagus is behind the heart and that spasm can mimic a heart attack. Thought I was alone. Does any one get swelling in one hand? Mine looks like a baseball glove several times a week. Is it related?

  • Hi. Thanks for sharing.

    I think you should get your hand checked out if you haven't already? Maybe take a photo of it every time to show doc how often. Keep a symptom diary maybe as well? I'm doing it for my nureo. I get swelling in my right ankle and other weird things in my hands like their pulling and lose density and look wrinkly, but it comes and goes. I have no answers for those. Rhuemy said all this stuff which we now know as FND wasn't related to RA etc. She did say I have a lot of inflammation which was not from a nureomuscular condition 🤔and she didn't know why.

    Nureo said there could be a link with autoimmune and FND so maybe the FND can cause swelling?? I still think you should check it out to rule out anything else.

    I do have a small hital hernia, apparently doesn't affect my swallowing etc 🤔even though I can and do have problems but proberbly the FND again? I have nexium for the days I do get heartburn but I do feel the chest thing is totally different and can happen any time, not after eating.

    I have a refferal to ENT so maybe one day I will have more answers about that.

    I do still think it has a lot to do with muscles i.e cramping, twitching, spasms.

    Hopefully we get answers x

  • I am being referred to Stanfords Medical undiagnosed clinic.

    I am in a flare now. The rheumatologist saw it Tuesday and still thinks it is neurological due to my brain tumor removal.

    Two years after surgery. They have checked veins, checking arteries, genetic testing, heart etc...

    today I can not close my hand. Right eye swollen. This is getting old too!

    I will let you know if I ever get any results. My ENT shows peripheral neuropathy and decreased feeling in my feet and legs. Did not need a test to Ellen me that but at least it proves it to them. My autonomic system is messed up but it has greatly improved with cortisol.

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