Does anyone else find that their symptoms are worse in the winter?

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else finds that their symptoms are worse in the winter? My muscles and joints completely seize up and my brain goes foggy when the temperature drops outside.

This year I thought I would try some winter sun. What a difference it has made! I was really unwell before I went and within a few days I had recovered much of my coordination and my head started to clear. By the end of the week I was almost back to my normal self!

Obviously, coming back to the cold caused a return of my symptoms but once I reacclimatised, they improved a bit again and are not nearly as bad as they were before I went!

I just wish I had gone for 2 weeks!

Does anyone else find that their symptoms improve with warmer climates?

Best wishes to everyone,


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  • Hi I find the damp has quite an effect on things not so much the cold if that makes sense. If the sun shines through the front window I do feel better so yes I would say it can make all the difference.

    Maybe there,s nothing actually wrong with us we just live in the wrong country ( LOL ) All the best Richard.

  • Ok I'm South Africa and my body does not take to much heat or icy cold weather so well .

  • Thank you for your reply Arlene, I wonder why cold and heat affect us? It must be tough living in South Africa!

  • Hi Arlene9

    Welcome! X

    All I can tell you is when I live abroad in the height of Summer my seizures and tremors seemed to get worse. That's about 35 a 40 deg. That said when it's to cold my symptoms are also bad so about 20deg is perfect for me.

    Sunshineali 🌞💕

  • Yes, 20-30* C is best for me.

  • Lol. Can we move to a warmer, less damp climate as part of treatment from the NHS?

  • I will suggest it to my neurologist when I see him next at worst he can only say no.

    Where would you like to go?

  • Ha ha!

  • Yes last year I've spend the winter in bed was terrible

  • That's tough. Maybe we need to charter a flight for a trip to the sun.

  • Hi,

    Yes all of my symptoms are 'always' worse during the winter and often an 1/2-1 hour before it rains, the family think I'm better than the weather presenters.

    I think it is because of the weather pressure changing?

    I am also bad in the summer if it is humid or before a storm?

    Give me a warm summers day any day - bliss, shame I live in England.

  • Would agree totally with that I think its been called the goldilocks day few and far between in this country though.

  • That's really interesting but tough going. I too am worse in wet weather, as well as cold but I didn't really think about air pressure changes making a difference. That makes sense.

    Take care,


  • Yes you too!

    I find explaining why things happen to myself helps me cope?

    It settles my brain I think, so I sort of accept it.

  • I can very much relate to your post. This winter I went away on vacation to a warmer climate and before going I was wondering if it was wise traveling because of not feeling well and my symptoms. While away my symptoms were less pronounced and I started to feel stronger. I am so grateful for that time away and feeling more like myself. Now I am better than before going away however not as well and I also wonder about climate, weather and why that seemed to have made such a difference.

  • I mentioned it to my Neurologist who thought it might relate more to having a stress free space of time but I also feel better at home when it's warmer and when I have had a holiday in a colder temperature, it has not helped.

    I think it is too easy to blame stress for everything we do not have an answer to.

  • Mel55

    I read the post and replies and see much in common. After 23 years of symptoms, I find a quite narrow range of temperature within which it helps me remain symptom free. A very unscientific response to your inquiry but reflects the potential common question of whether temperature dysregulation in our bodies is a factor.

    Appreciate this topic of discussion...

    Dan / Seattle

  • Hi mel, I struggle with the cold as well. Even walking past the coolers at Costco, or freezer sections in the grocery stores make me start to spasm, and freeze up. No fun!

  • Hi cgarff, sorry I missed your post. Yes, supermarkets etc fridge areas are aweful. My local supermarket recently installed fridges in over half of their store. I just couldn't shop their until they had their air conditioning altered to stop the frost developing on everyone's noses. I have to wear winter clothing when I go shopping because of those fridges and open freezers.

    Thermals are us!

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