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does anyone else get a pinprick rash that is slightly raised on their face, neck and chest?

It is barely visible but very palpable although I can see it easily as its my face! It seems worse when I am having a worse that normal time and is usually followed by a worsening of pins and needles, loss of feeling in places and more pain in others, severe mobility problems often taking my mobility away completely and etc etc of other FND symptoms. Does anyone know what it is as it seems directly linked to my FND. also is there anything I can do to help? by the way, I haven't been allergic to anything and as I said it is certainly a symptom as it has been happening for the last 25 years!!

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have you been seen by a rheumatologist.wht did they the bump get worse with sun exposure.are you on any meds.i have some ideas but need more info if youd like me to help


Hi trophywife,

Thanks for your reply and offer to help. In answer to your questions:

1. Yes I have been seen by a rheumatologist and they did all the tests they could do looking for any illness or condition that would account for my symptoms (but don't ask me what the tests were as I cant remember I've had that many tests by all the "ologists"in all departments possible over past 25 the years). For many years they could find no explanation for many of my symptoms and in the end put it down to Fibromyalgia but since then I have been diagnosed by neurology as having a NFD.

2. The rash is there all year round and living in the north of England there isn't much sun/heat, although we have had more than usual this year. I used to work outside a lot back in the days where I could force myself to work although those days have long since gone and these days I don't go out much at all, neither situation has made it better or worse and seems related to the increase and decrease in the level of symptoms. I have had allergy tests but the rash wasn't put down to any allergy and antihistamines didn't work in getting rid of the rash.

3. Yes I am on a lot of medication but many years ago even before I took medication I still had the rash which has over the years seemed to get worse each time the more poorly and improves slightly the better I get - imagine ET and the pot plant! In fact I have had the rash on and off most of my life which has also included FND symptoms which have grown worse over the years.

I hope this paints a clearer picture and answers your questions, and thanks again :)



I assume you know that

having fnd dx does not negate your other diagnoses.hav

e you seen a dermatologist or looked up rashes on the internet.

were you hoping one diagnosis would pull everything into one explanation for everything.i tried that.what are your fnd symptoms.what problem bothers you the most.


I know I have FND along with many other diagnoses, but the rash symptom always coincides with my fnd flaring up and not necessarily the other problems, All I wanted to know was do other FND sufferes have rashes like I do? while I am looking at FND symptons in particular, I do not want to open my whole complex case of everything that is wrong, but thanks for trying and I am sorry if I haven't been able to explain myself well enough.


im new to this sure the problem was me.allergies are a huge trigger for me


I have started having exactly the same symptoms as you. Did you ever recover from this symptom?


Yes I to have something similar. I don't have a visible rash but have an itchy body feeling body accompanied with what feels like hot pins and needles. On waking daily and during/after walking I get what feels like the hot pins and needles in both feet and in my right calf. Have a read of this website if you haven't already

It seems that FND and Fibromyalgia can go hand in glove. It's something I'll be raising with the neurologist when I see him next month.


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