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No one is the same!

One thing I have noticed after reading these posts is that everyone condition is very different. I complain about mine but it is not nearly as bad as the other experiences I have read. Yes it is debilitating and combined with this I also have Atypical sciatica so working is difficult despite being able to take cabs to and from work. I just really hope that everyone receives some form of light at the end of their dark tunnel as we all really and truly need it!

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Wow, mega thanks you have said the things I've always wanted to say; hoping things get better for you....


Yes I pray we all do too! Xo It is a very odd condition that is for sure.



You have made the day start out brighter here in Seattle. Words of wisdom. For me, this is a highly complex form of dysfunction of the human body. And, it evolves itself over long periods of time which changes how to deal with it. I ask everyone not to blindly accept some of the basic assumptions that general medicine uses to make a diagnosis. Many people know that psychological factors did not cause symptom onset in their own case yet that remains a basic assumption in diagnosis. On the other hand, symptoms can be so severe as to create psychological disturbances after symptoms started.

I really think medicine is still at the starting gate with this disorder. It is good people like you that reminds us that with everyone diagnosed having different presentations of symptoms, this disorder is really going to have to be addressed with a wide open mind. Thanks for being here.



Thank you for this!

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Thanks for that. It's what makes us different that makes the world go round and keeps it interesting.

There are some constants with FND but I think it is the differences that make diagnosis and treatment so difficult. Maybe difficult is the wrong word, more that we don't all fit the same pigeon hole. Professionals need to THINK FOR THE INDIVIDUALS NEEDS instead of generalising any treatment/help offered.

Wish you all the best.


Thank you and yes I definitely agree with that. My neurologist came up with the diagnosis when I thought it was hemiphelgic migraines. She explained the various presentations and how it impacts on individuals then gave my a link to research which was helpful. Treatment is not straightforward as she said there maybe one avenue they could try but was unsure it would work. I will wait and see. In the mean time there appears to be different symptoms such as lingering earache, pain in my eyes and shoulder pain all mainly on my right side which I have never really experienced before. I will keep an eye on this.

I wish you all the best too and hopefully a reduction in the symptoms.


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