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Wondering if anyone has dealt with leg cramps


Hello everyone,

I'm sure many of you do but I'm hoping to find some relief. My legs spasm so much. In the past, due to low heart rate and temps of 95 degrees Fahrenheit the bath has been my sanctuary.

Lately I've been dealing with leg cramps and spasms that keep me awake all night. So, I decided maybe a 🛀 will help. OMG Wrong answer! The heat took it to a whole other level of pain!

Have you had this? If so, what helps? My docs have been very anti painmeds even when I explain death would be kinder than this! Thanks so much!

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Hi I get leg cramps last week was my right calf muscle it's usually at night but this was daytime.

When I worked in more physical jobs I remember always dreaming of a radox salts bath and just melting the cramps away.

I stupidly decided in a hotel as I have a shower at my home only that il treat myself to a bath.

Big mistake I forgot that even a cool bath must make my BP crash and I was panicking trying to get out after a few minutes then felt terrible after. I can't tolerate steam rooms, baths, saunas jacuzzis etc I need to get a BP reader as even a longer shower now must drop my BP as iv blacked out twice at home after one.



After years of battling what you described, I now stay on a lifetime prescription of tizanidine aka xanaflex.

Three times daily and I avoid the agony you perfectly said was worse than death.

I found no other home remedy solutions that worked for me. I don't know why it does but it is low risk and low side effect in my case.

Dan / Seattle

VivienneWaterworth in reply to Hidden

Have you tried Magnesium? It's food for muscles (and nerves), and Vitamin B12 which is food for nerves (and muscles). I've read that there is a very large percentage of the population that is deficient in magnesium due to soil depletion.

My doctor kept telling me to increase the dose, until I was up to 6 to 8 large tablets a day! I stayed on that level for several months, until my muscles finally relaxed enough to drop back to a maintenance dose of 3 to 4 tablets a day, but quickly going up to 8 whenever I have a seizure.

My doctor told me that the way to figure out your magnesium requirements is to remember that the body will absorb all the magnesium it requires, and expel the rest. (I think the colonoscopy prep is only 4 times my maximum dose...) Anyway, he said to keep increasing the dose until you get diarrhoea, then back off just a little bit.

Given your complicated reactions to other medications, check with your doctor if you are at all concerned about taking magnesium supplements. Certainly start small, and only gradually increase your dose as you feel comfortable doing so.

Crampeze is also useful. As you can't tolerate warm baths, you might find your body is more accepting of magnesium oils or lotions. The lotions aren't as strong but also less likely to irritate your skin.

Another trigger I have for cramps is a reaction to almonds, SSRIs (e.g. Zoloft), SNRIs (e.g. Pristiq) and normal to high doses of Amitryptiline. I am currently on a dose of Amitryptiline that is only just working on my mind, but also only just not giving me cramps. A balancing act. I had some almond cake especially made for me last night because I forgot to tell them about almonds, and I ended up dancing with cramps in both feet about an hour later, and cramps around my arms and shoulders during the night.

Cutting off the circulation in my legs will trigger cramps, e.g. having my legs supported while in a reclining chair, where there is an edge to the support that leaves an indentation in my calf muscles. Also sleeping with one leg on top of the other can decrease the circulation and cause cramps.

If you can tolerate Magnesium, it will give you the best relief. Every time I visit my doctor these days I am reminded of the difference it has made in my life. My muscles were so tight all over that I used to have serious difficulties just stepping off a curb, having to hold tight onto anything I could find for support. Now I do it with ease. I hope it becomes your friend too.

Hidden in reply to VivienneWaterworth

Hi I'd forgotten about magnesium. I began my career as an orthopaedic and plastics nurse so we dealt with moving a lot of heavy patients and most nurses had massages on days off but a few took magnesium and swore by it.

I also have to either have my legs with feet on the ground or up on the couch but I have to my feet around a lot.

In the uk I'd never noticed it when well, there are a lot of bus stops with either too high seats so your feet don't touch the ground and that sets my legs off or sloping seats so your feet bear the brunt of your whole body weight as you try to hang on it makes my legs work overtime.

I should just be grateful for a seat really ☺️

i get leg cramps all the time too. the doctors kind of disregard things these days. so i just deal. i hope yours calms soon. not fun. my pressures have been really low so I am like others just trying to maintain balance with all of this. sending positive thoughts

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