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Question for Carers of FND


Hi everyone,

Just writing this blog to all you Carers out there.

Have you found that you've become, or can come, overprotective as a Carer.

I always encourage my wife to be as independent as possible and she is.

However, I cannot get away from the fact that I'm always looking out for her, due to the fact that FND is so unpredictable.

I'm curious as to how you Carers deal with the feeling of being very protective.

I just think it's a natural reaction, but that's just me I guess.

Many thanks.

Best Wishes!

Tony and Kim

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Tony that's called love and concern so don't change because you will be seeing and feeling obsticals Kim won't be i am afraid I have dismissed all carers now i am having leg braces fitted next week due my condition causing severe deformities in the hips and the left leg quite bonkers what's happening now very little weight to me now etc but watch me go when the braces are fitted Tony for the ones suffering that have some one close to them such as yourself that is a blessing and to have some one strong at heart like yourself bieng part of any emergency service like you are is not easy trust me I know so you just carry on my friend big respect mat

LEEJUNFAN in reply to Mat08

Hi Matt,

Respect to you for your incredible determination.

You inspire me greatly.

Hope everything goes well with your new braces.

I never took my job with Greater Manchester Fire Service Matt.

It was with support services.

My prolapsed disc ruled me out of being a Firefighter many years ago.

I nearly got in apart from that.

We've had a lot of trouble at our flat with neighbours.

Kim's safety came first, despite my love for the service, and I've worked for them previously.

We're moving into a brand new 2 bedroomed apartment in two weeks, and Kim's medical rehousing team will soundproof the ceilings.

We will have a neighbour opposite, but our setup in this new apartment means that we will be detached, due to the new build.

Just hope the new neighbour above will be ok.

I've made sure the housing have put a rule in to not put laminate flooring down, and they've informed us that the neighbour will be carpeting it, so that's a good thing.

I wanted a Bungalow for Kim, but the system is incredibly hard to beat, due to age restriction policies.

I've fought them for three years.

However, it's time to get out of this toxic dump.

We've stood up to the scum here and will never be intimidated.

Sooner or later, they're will be murder here.

Sorry to go on.

Please let us know how you get on Matt and if you want our email, just let us know, as we're interested to see how you progress.

We're just on our way to Buxton in Derbyshire.

We live in Manchester, so it's nice to get out, as we love the Countryside as it's nice and peaceful.

Have a lovely day Matt.

Many thanks for replying.

Hope you keep in touch.

Best Wishes!

Tony and Kim

Gypsi in reply to LEEJUNFAN

That's very good news about the new flat. If you just have one neighbour and no young children living above, you should have no noise problem at all. Especially with carpets and the insulated ceiling. I'm very curious and hope you'll keep us posted. I'm sure you are not overprotective and I also hope Kim will start improving now that the biggest problem is out if the way. It is possible to recover, and I'm speaking from experience. Buxton is lovely, it's a favourite place of mine where one of my best friends lives. Go to see the Blue John cavern, it's fabulous. And enjoy your break in nature! Best wishes, G.

LEEJUNFAN in reply to Gypsi

Hi Gypsi,

Yes, we will keep you informed once we've moved.

We've been to Pooles Cavern, but not Blue John Cavern.

We love Bakewell too.

You can't beat nature.

Lots of love

Tony and Kim

so overprotective t9 the point I'm actually scared not being there my daughter's 16 and b4 was so independent and I know I'm smothering but this came on from nowhere so scared of n9t be8ng there

LEEJUNFAN in reply to shell411

Hi Shell,

I can totally relate with that and all the emotions that go with it.

Glad to know I'm not alone in

my thinking.

Best Wishes always!

Tony and Kim

aw it is so hard isn't it x

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