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Achohol and FND

Hi I would really like to know if alcohol makes symptons worse. My husband sometimes has non-epileptic seizures after drinking several beers. He is a regular drinker and drinks beers every night sometimes 4 or 5 pints. I am very concerned that this may make his condition worse. Would like to know if anyone out there has experienced problems with drinking please. Thanks

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if he is having seizures after drinking than yes it could be a psychological trigger if he drinks to hide a deeper emotional issue . We all need to eat right look after our bodies and do what ever it takes to get well drinking is a mind altering substance so this can have an affect on flare ups ,


Alcohol can make my condition worse but I think it's a short term flare rather than a long-term effect but I don't think it's very good on the body especially if you're ill anyway... Might be safer off it x


It could by psychological. It could be a physical reaction to beer. It could be both or neither. I guess that only his own body would know...and I doubt that he would know how to tell.

Getting a person to admit that they are drinking too much when they are drinking more than is recommended as a healthy limit for them, can be difficult, because it's not toooo much to be obviously dangerous and it doesn't change personalities enough for them to see it (we usually can!), especially given what they have already drunk! I personally think it's a bit too much. My partner has at least 5 to 6 glasses of wine or champagne per day, which I think is way too much for his health (diabetes, liver etc) but he can't see anything wrong with it.

Unfortunately the one opportunity where I thought he would find out that he was drinking too much was getting caught with a roadside breathalyser test after consuming 4 glasses of champagne in the previous 1 hour ... but he was under our limit in Aus (0.05). What!!???!!!!! I can't win lol.

Even when I do drink enough to get a little 'cheerful', it doesn't affect the frequency or intensity of my seizures. (I only drink port occasionally - once or twice a year!), and rarely anything else.)

You may be able to prove to him that mild drinking doesn't affect his seizures, but beyond a certain point it does. You would have to track how many pints he has each night and then whether he has a seizure or not, and perhaps it's intensity. He might not appreciate you doing that, but it [might] work.


I find a glass or two of wine helps relax me x


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