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FND has to be GENETIC


I think FND is a genetic defect of the brain that these doctors still haven’t identified because all they think we have is stress. My mother has irritable bowel syndrome, problems swallowing, tremors, palpitations and pain unexplained. Both my kids had developmental delays, one had vertigo and eyes would misaligned and legs sometimes feel heavy and numbness, my other kid has essential tremors and sometimes had the feeling about to faint and then there is me with full on FND. It’s in our DNA, Dr. Stone, Professor Edwards, any neurological research scientist NEEDS TO FIND THAT DEFECTIVE GENETIC CODE that seems to be hereditary.

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Hi there,

I agree with the stress thing.

It's not that simple, but they blame everything on it nowadays.

You can never rule it out completely, but people with FND are diagnosed when they don't have stress, so you are correct, it does make you think and question a lot more.

Maybe there is a genetic link, who knows, and I hope we get the answers

in our lifetime.

Best wishes!


AjaStar in reply to LEEJUNFAN

You’d figure if they could send a man to the moon and soon to Mars, clone cells and make genetic babies they could figure out what the heck is wrong with us. This disorder has been documented since ancient Egyptian times, they have had plenty of time and technological advances to find out once and for all what causes FND.

I 100% agree I have to go see a genetics team next month as I had a DNA test done Which showed up I have 2 missing gens in the short arm of my chromosomes.. I know once I see them I will finnaly have prof that fnd is not in my head or be diagnosed with another condition .. I had my DNA test due to my son having autism and had some missing gen I was then told I had to be tested I wasn’t suprised when it came back I was also missing the same gen plus another missing gen my son only had the one missing gen ... I know with in myself I will get answers and hopefully be able to show others that they to might be like me

AjaStar in reply to Ronwyn

That’s great you found a doctor who wants to get to the bottom of this and is willing to look at your genes. My doctor refuses to do more tests since my blood tests, EEGs, CT scans, MRIs and spinal tap came back normal. Please encourage that doctor to share your results within the medical community and maybe we could finally get some answers.

Ronwyn in reply to AjaStar

As soon as I get to see the genetics team and get proper answers I will be posting my results and the tests that I had done with prof

FND is a interface problem between the mind and brain and body. This area is very little understood therefore it is very hard to treat and understand. It will take the doctors awhile to unwrap this but we do what we can.

I wonder have these doctors even dissected a brain from people who have FND who donated their organs? They say nothing is structurally wrong but MRIs can’t pick up everything. Have they examined the actual brain tissue?

This is a great post. I was only recently having a chat with my parents about this very same thing and my dads health and there you go he has the same and strikingly similar symptoms to me. Unfortunately he had surgery on his cervical spine so his symptoms are put down to that and mine are put down to the old favourite 'stress'. Unfortunately not a lot is known about grandparents and beyond on my dads side to see if there were any other similar cases. I now believe that it is highly possible that this is or can be something genetic and is unearthed for example after trauma or stress and the likes. It will be interesting (but sad) to see if either of my sons develop any similar symptoms as they get older. One for us to keep an eye on. Keep smiling everyone. Dave.

I’m worried for my kids and pray their symptoms will not progress to FND. Just because your dad had a visible issue doesn’t mean FND can’t coincide with it, but I hope he does not have it. There are different severities of FND, some mild with symptoms that come and go and some severe with symptoms everyday. Whenever I get a “normal” moment I feel so good and happy and enjoy it as much as I can. I pray we all experience that today :)

Autoimmune problems run in families. There are doctors that know about these but so many more do not so are more apt to give out labels like FND when they don’t know. Autoimmune encephalitis has been liked to many of the problems you talk about but so has hypothyroidism. Has your mom been checked for thyroid nodules or tumors? They can cause problems swallowing and tiredness plus many other symptoms. Has she had a thyroid blood panel, including TPO and TG antibodies? The person in your family with fainting, have they been checked for POTS or Dysautonomia? Don’t accept simple answers for complex problems.

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