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I am so angry with my self, as yrs ago I suffered server depression and swore to myself I would never go there again. I tried to kill myself and had sezieres coursed by my depression and I self harmed... I've had a yr and half free a good life with love and a surportive husband and a fantastic little girl. Then the fnd started 8 months ago.. I have thought hard and know the onset of this isn't stress but now with this condition I am struggling and starting to find my self getting depressed with this. Different reasons to last time and now am getting scared as am I going to go the same way... I am a fighter but sometimes is really difficult to not give in... I won't as I have a little girl and husband that is my world so am asking for any advise, I am trying mindful Ness but what do you guys find helpful to take ya mind off this disabilitating illness?? Xxx

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Hi Melissa, sorry to hear that you're struggling it can be so very hard. I don't know what your beliefs are so forgive me but I know that my faith has helped me a tremendous amount. I know that I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't my faith as I've wanted to end my life many times through the illness.

I made a video to try and explain my journey if you Google, Rachel Harris Functional Neurological Disorder.... feel free to watch or not. Hope it helps to hear from a fellow sufferer anyway.

Do you get a good support from your friends and family? Do you have a good consultant? What are your main symptoms with FND? ☺

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Hi Melissa!

My wife has FND and lost her job due to the condition three years ago after collapsing and she's 37 now and has always kept so fit so we understand how your feeling.

Depression always kicks in after illness and my wife has suffered all the ups and downs as you describe because it's very hard to come to terms with and some people never can.

Kim has tried swimming which helps as it has a relaxing effect on the mind and also going for a walk in the park and going on day trips.

I do appreciate however how this condition effects people differently and as much as I try to support my wife I still feel helpless as I'm the outsider looking in.

Meditation can help a lot and also having a good support system if you're fortunate to have one.

The fact that you've asked on this site for advice proves that you won't ever quit and you sound a very strong lady.

We're all on this path together and we have to help each other if we can and as Rachel explains, it can help if you have a faith because I always ask for strength to help my wife.

Please feel free to reply anytime.

Best Wishes Always xx

Tony & Kim


I'm sorry sorry you are fighting depression I get depressed once in awhile with FND it's hard not too I found out that depression runs in my family I have a brother who tried to commit suicide they told him it was a cemical imbalance and he was able to get help they told my daughter the same thing and none of the meds seem to help her tater a suicide attempt they ran some test and found out she is bipolar and they treat that differently and now she is doing so much better have you tried to get help? And if you have please keep trying to get the right kind of help it is so hard going through everything that FND is throwing at you and to have depression just elavates everything sending gentle hugs

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