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Icy Pain?

Has anyone else ever experienced a pain that is almost like your bones have turned to ice and you're being frozen from the inside out?

It's so incredibly painful and nobody seems to understand it, let alone how to help it.

Painkillers don't work, heat makes it worse and sends my muscles into spasm.

I'm at loss at what to do about it, it can last for days at a time and it is almost unbareable!

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Hi, sounds really horrible. Almost like your body thinks you have hypothermia. Are all your limbs affected? Do you get changes to skin colour?

I get a similar but less extreme effect but only in my fingers. Usually happens if I am gripping something like acwalking stick, steering wheel or trying to sew.

Starts as pins and needles then goes numb and pain sets in. Can go on to feel like burning out of the ends of my fingers. There is no sign of any changes to my blood circulation. Colour looks normal. Apart from painkillers only gentle movement slow warming of hands and rubbing seem to help me.

All the very best

Mel xx


I have this in my feet and lower legs, my feet turn blue, and feel like I've been playing in the snow without shoes socks on, extremely painful. I have a warm bath....and gradually increase heat, relaxing while adding heat helps with spasms, I have them list goes on......hope this helps. P.s in winter I sit with blanket over my legs tucked around my feet x


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