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What pain relief do people take? Find it hard to explain pain to GP any help?


I have had functional movement disorder for almost a year after a clot on brain then bleed. Just seem to be helped on my feet when I go into hospital and told you'll be ok now but I am struggling, movement is restricted and spasms are constant, any advice?

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There are many different pain relievers people use. I would have to say it depends on the type of pain you are experiencing. Pain is very common with this disorder. Did they figure out why you had a blood clot in the first place? and do you know why they do not think the blood clot was part of the reason for the movement symptoms?

I take Cymbalta, Valium, Dyphenhydromine, Neurotin. I do have Fibromyalgia, as well as FND.

I'm on many medications. I think the thing I would ask your doctor about is a muscle relaxer. My doctor gives me Tizanidine 8mg 3 times a day. The pill is horrible when you first get it. It makes it almost impossible to eat for the first 2 or 3 hours because it dries up your saliva. I mean it REALLY dries you up...skin, hair, eyes, mouth, etc. I've been on it for at least 3 years now and try to only take it at night if possible. I no longer choke on food. Another issue is that it puts you into a deep, deep sleep. This is a good thing for me because I have a lot of issues with lack of sleep.The medication truly helps my muscles relax and so the pain is not so severe. It might be worth asking about just to see what the doctor suggests. Best of luck.

i was on tramadol which was pathetic. im now on gabapentin, i think its crap! they make me feel spaced out but dont kill the pain. my gp is pants

I am on pregabalin 100mg 3xaday, tramadol 50 mg 4xaday with paracetamol 500mg 4xaday

this appears to be working at the moment but it has taken a long time to find this mix but saying that I seem to have a few months off good pain relief then it all goes to pot so I am just hoping this is the right medication that is going to continue to work for me it has taken twelve months to get here.

I take pregablin for nerve pain in my legs. They are the only thing which keeps me from going crazy. They have mild side effects for me. I try to keep the amount to a minimum 150mg. I also take codine phosphate x2 30mg, paracetamol1000mg as a top up when I need it but not so often now and finally 50mg of setraline. All for pain relief. I shake rattle and roll.

Seeing as pain is very individual its good to hear what others do but you need to find whats best for you. I try not to take to much medicin, normally when its bad 2 x 500mg Paracetamol 3-4 times a day and 600mg ibrofen 3 times a day, but this has side effects which regards to constipation (extra fibre or exercise) and stomach ulcers so you need to make sure you take medicin against producing to much stomach acid. I have also been given a stronger pain killers however they make me feel sick and light headed so... many antidepressents have a muslce relaxing effect, i have a very low dosis and take as and when. However they do have the side effect of the first few days making you very dry in your mouth and sometimes weight gain, it does give a really good nights sleep. But these tablets don't always help.

I think its a good idea to suppliment pain killers with other treatments like massage, mindfulness, acupuncture anything that works for you. If i'm in alot of pain before bedtime I find a good deep hot bath helps relax me and usually it helps me fall asleep even if its just for a couple of hours. So this is how i deal with it.

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Sorry just realized put my reply in wrong box! Yikes wonder if I've done that before!

Can't take anything like ibrofen due to being asthmatic, so it does depend on the individual also what works for one may not work for another. For my neuropathic pain ie in finger tips and feet I was on Gabapentine been weaning of them and got down to 600mg 3 times a day and being kept awake some nights with old familiar pains! ): On Maxitram sr slow release 100mg morning and night, co-codalmol 300/500 2 tabs by 3 times a day, Amitriptyline 25mgs two at night. I also suffer from arthritis, have a disc bulge and degenerative disc disease. So that's what some of this medication is for. The nurse for the chronic pain clinic has very kindly given me a Tens machine for my back which I injured 23 years ago.

I'm on 150 x 3/day pregabalin, 35 nortriptaline. Fentynal 12.5 or 25 patches when bad. (Allergic/ bad rections to all other pain relievers so that is why jump. If I was on fentynal all the time, it would become another allergy). took me a year to build up to that dose of pregabilan. Cycle of tiredness/brain dead, get use to does 6 weeks later up dose. Wasn't till current dose had much paim relief, but did stop constant 'buzzing' had going on in all my nerves so kept me trying it.

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Many have found Ropinerole to be helpful for the buzzing or zinging sensation. May be worth asking your doctor if it would be helpful or worth a try..

Caan in reply to FND_

ta, will see if gp willing to perscribe.


LDN has been heard to be effective for pain relief.

Like all medications please do not start or stop medications without discussing it with your doctor first.

This was me to a "T" ….I'm on ONE medication. I had spasms every second of every day, severe back neck and head pain, neuralgia, hallucinations, and seizures a few times a week, blood pressure like a roller coaster...….now, I have ZERO of any of those things. Do I still have trouble every now and then? Yes. Do I still have pain? Yes. But I'm able to do all my housework. Work full time. Drive about 3 hours each day for work, and kids school. Still keep my husband excited, and have time to buy gas and groceries (Shew!)

My pain relief: I smoke pot.

The things (very insignificant things) that it can't help me with, it lets me cope with thanks to it's calming properties. I went from not walking to walking. You'd be amazed.

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