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Hi all, I have a functional tremor and have never met anyone who has one. It began when I was 17 as a mild tremor and weakness. Following the birth of my son in 1997 the symptoms increased when I was diagnosed with post natal depression. After my daughters birth in 2002 my condition became so bad I was prescribed medication. I have been on Imipramine for the last 12yrs. Did it help? Not sure as a side effect is tremor!! go figure! Recently i have begun to receive support from an occupational and physo therapists. I am hoping life improves with their support. Words cannot express how tired I am with this condition. Are there any people out there with functional tremor??



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  • Hi Sarah! I have functional tremors in my hands, face, neck, eyes and mouth. I found that OT for my hand tremors was helpful, not a "cure" but the recommendations I got have made day to day living a little better. First I got weighted wrist wraps for the tremors in my hands. They weigh one pound each and fit like a fingerless glove. They help calm my tremors enough to type. Next I got weighted utensils so I could eat without spilling or poking myself. I tried a weighted pen, but my fingers cramped after about 10 minutes of writing, so I use my wrist wrap when I write instead. I use a weighted neck wrap for the tremors in my neck and shoulders. Massage is helpful for the pain. Overall, I would say that weight has been the most beneficial for me. I wish you well in your journey. You are not alone.

  • Hi, you may like to come join our Facebook group where you will find many, many others with similar symptoms and issues. we can be contacted via the homepage on a website run by FND patients.

    Just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE :-)

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