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Newly diagnosed and wants a baby

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Hi All

I’m new to this website - but it looks a great source of support. My sister was diagnosed with FND about 2 weeks ago. She was on meds previously for anxiety but had come off them recently as she intended to start trying for a baby. I wonder if coming off the meds May have contributed to this. She has weakness in her limbs, falling a lot, slurred speech, bad fatigue and headaches.

She is still desperate to try for a child, and having visited the GP, she was told to give it a month. I am worried for her, I know some people can recover and get better, but I also see that this can become a long term condition. I am worried trying for a child so early into a diagnosis could make things worse, particularly with her anxiety. I would be interested to hear thoughts, am I being over protective? I don’t think she has quite grasped what the condition could mean, or accepted it yet. She doesn’t want to hear advice which doesn’t support what she wants either. I don’t want to dishearten her and I want to be supportive, I would welcome your thoughts.

Thank you

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Who am I to give advice but I think she’s got enough on her plate at the moment,this illness can be severe and I think she needs time to see if things settle out before getting pregnant,that puts a lot more stress on fit people’s bodies and could be overwhelming, all the best.

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Thank you for replying, this is what I think as well. I hope she gets to that point herself as I don’t want to be too negative about it. Such a stressful time for her - I think there must be some denial there somewhere. I just wish her GP had been a bit more realistic about seeing how things progress first

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GPS can be very naive to this illness and a month is wrong coz if she’s struggling now things could become tenfold,as I say it’s none of my business but she has to put her health first ,I really feel for her

Hi, its lovely your being so supportive of your sister, maybe she needs to accept her diagnosis before changing her life even more with a baby. The fatigue alone is exhausting and trying to look after yourself is sometimes overwhelming. Everyone gets FND so differently and the symptoms are so widespread and they change. It took me 17 months of pain, seizures, crawling around, to get a definitive diagnosis from a professor Edwards in London. I’ve now over 3 years on have had 1 months inpatient program at London for FND but am still left with life changing symptoms that just won’t ease off. If your sister has a baby is there anyone who can look after the baby if she doesn’t improve or even becomes worse. It would be life changing for everyone to help your sister and a baby. It’s so great she has your support not all families are as supportive as you, she is very lucky to have you. Wish you and your sister all the best whatever is decided.

Your sister needs to come to terms and learn how to handle the symptoms. My wife is normal and wants a baby as well. I am in a wheelchair with many symptom from FND. We are taking it slow. My wife wants a baby but we are waiting until we are ready. We need to create a plan for child care especially on the bad days which we are creating ourselves since my wife will have to work. Your sister needs to have a support system in place for her well being and the child as well as have a plan in place if anything happens. FND will not affect having a baby since a baby development in the womb is driven by hormones. Take it slow and your sister will get there.

Hi Both,

Thanks for your replies, I think she will need to take time to plan this and needs to understand how she is affected first. She definitely hasn’t accepted her condition yet and has been suggesting it is due to other things. I am hoping she gets there soon 😣

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That is amazing advice from confessing1689 , I am 22 months into FND and want a family and a baby next year and people can lead a normal life. However, you need a good support network, whether that be grandparents being around at hand and st you beck and call as my parents will and would do for me being the one with the condition for the new baba, or employed staff if you have the money.

Hi gentleflower, you sound like you are adapting really well to having FND and it’s great you have a supportive family. I do hope my sister can get to a similar point, it’s really encouraging to hear your story. Best of luck with it all 😊

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