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new to FND

hi everyone,

i was diagnosed with FND in october last year after having my 4th episode of stroke like symptoms (weakness down my left side of my body, disorientated, headache right side of my head.) i was in a uni lecture at the time and my lecturer told me not to go home, i previously thought it was hemiplegic migraine as my weakness seemed to dissapear when i slept. i was in hospital for 7 days as the weakness did not go away as quickly as the last 3 times and this was a very scary time.

i have now started psychotherapy to try and help me deal with this, as i am so new to this i am very anxious at the moment, i am worried that it will happen again and i will end back up in hospital, but also worried about whether or not i will recover as quickly as i did and if i will recover fully.

would anybody be kind enough to share some of their relapse experiences? i suppose i'm just looking for reassurance that people either get better or are helped to adapt as it feels like i am clueless on this subject.


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Hi whizzpopbang,

I have just had a scout round hemiplegic migraine and have found that stroke like symptoms can last several days.So I would ask why your doctors have put you down as FND this time ?I'm afraid I have no personal experience of your specific symptoms but take heart that you appear to make a complete recovery even if times are variable.I assume there is no family history of H migraine ?

We can't always know what aggravates our symptoms and worry is inevitable but not helpful.

As I always state,I see FND as a category rather than a diagnosis,it simply means the doctors are unsure as to the cause.Hopefully psychology will help to ease the fear and you can learn to live well with your condition.

Take care,Angela x



I have just been diagnosed a month ago it started suddenly like someone flicked a switch and my problems were walking ,balance, right side weakness, fine motor skills on right side, poor sleep and chronic fatigue spent 4 days in hospital they started to get better then my speech went slurred and slow and then spent another night in hospital. All my scans and tests were normal but I still have stroke like symptoms speech is back to normalish now walking is still hard work and normal day activities that I used to do without thinking are like epic events sometimes. It is scary and I don't think there are any quick fixes my doctor said I had to "think myself better" a good support network I think is key and then fight the doctors when you have the energy. You will find a lot of help on these websites I did as most people will say its a collective name for many symptoms so many people struggle just take 1 day at a time is all my advice.


"flicking a switch" rings bells!

Had loads of incidences of that...


I "tweaked my back" (or something) over 2 weeks ago.

So bad,I was sent for MRI scan.

MRI results? "all normal fo rmy age!"

- Nothing helped much with the pain, until they put me on Tramadol

(and it turned out I'm allergic to ibroprufen,and probably Codeine:(

I normally walk with two walking sticks when outside the house,

-but since this happened,I've been struggleing with two NHS walking sticks inside the house.

Yesterday afternoon,after a painful and tiring morning, i became suddenly exhausted.

Just needed to sleep.

So I went for a nap (most unlike me,btw)

When I awoke -I felt-well,better,sort of like you do after flu...

and when I came to actually get up out of bed,I was astonished,becasue everything was very much better!

So much better,that I walked around without sticks for the rest of the day;but by evening,the pain was setting in a gain,and my walking getting worse.

Still managed without sticks though:)

This morning -back to square one.

stiff,painful,back complaining,etc,etc...

and the two sticks:(

crazy world,isnt it?


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