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Understanding my FND diagnoses link to Organic Brain Disorder?


My doctor diagnosed me FND & told me it is also considered an Organic Brain Disorder does anyone have relation to this as well? I am trying to grasp everything, I highly trust my Neurologist shes an expert in this field but I am being told otherwise by insurance company that it is not considered an as such.

On the contrary I was very glad to get a diagnosis after a couple years of nothing & suffering from involuntary movement, stability, limb weakness, limb paralysis, spasms , migraines, changes to my speech, ability to think cohesively , unable to focus, etc.. I am also glad to have found communities like this one for help, I feel very positive that I can get better, if..everyone is on the same page.

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my understanding is that if they have done scans tests etc and all have come back clear then there is no medically diagnosable reason for what is going on and that is the reason for the FND diagnosis...however more and more this doesnt seem to be the case its almost like an add on to something that is organic and evidenced by testing but seen as the test has complicated the FND diagnosis...thats certainly been my experience and others have not been tested went to the GP got the relevant tests required and the answer has been found and corrected by prescription for example vit deficiency seems to be a regular one especially B12....one guy was told a sore back was FND ...long story short his wife nagged him until some time later he did go and get properly tested and it turned out to be cancer that had been left for so long that it had become terminal...so the moral of the tale is get everything checked and then checked again and do not allow a doctor to hang everything on to FND its too dangerous to allow that to happen

Your symptoms sound a lot like mine.

Wouldn't organic brain syndrome show up on an MRI?

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Unfortunately there are a lot of neurological conditions, including migraine, that don't show up on MRI scans. Yet 'normal' scan results are needed to convince patients, and their GPs, that they have FND which is now considered to be a common core psychiatric condition.

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Well I originally thought the same as well, however reading into it "Organic" in terms of Organic Brain Disease, Disorder, Syndrome all fall under the same umbrella , my doctor described this as an organic brain disorder because in her words "FND is a disorder of the brain & mind, there are different brain circuitries that are thought to be altered, this is why its considered an organic brain disorder".

As far as my symptoms some seem to get worse as others move away, sometimes to come back but without structure & knowing exactly what I can do to improve not only this but my other conditions on top of stressful insurance companies..It's been quite a struggle, this site & fndhope.org is certainly been super helpful and kept me a bit focused even with confusing insurance, long covid dr waits & other unexpected issues that never end :(

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what is organic brain syndrome can I ask....I have 3 cavernomas and they can also be known by different names so I was just wondering. They are trying to say these cavernomas now are FND which is really dangerous as when I had a stroke for me it meant that a cavernoma bled into my brain...now on the ward I was treated for a stroke by a specialist who took charge of my care from another hospital as I understand it he is a professor but I come back to the neurologist and he says the stroke I had is not a medical emergency and he would not have done anything about it as its part of FND but the treatment for a bleeding cavernoma that wont stop bleeding is to first try steroids and if that doesnt work then its brain surgery....now stand back and look at these 2 scenarios and you couldnt even put them in the same medical journal never mind the same page...thats been my experience needless to say I find the FND diagnosis at times can be very dangerous in my own experience as thats not the only story...the other stories involve being attended to by the arrest team and not not being able to breathe has become FND and try and breathe through a spasm that has closed don the full respiratory system and given me a heart rate above 200...just be careful not to hang everything OR too much trust on the neurology team who are flying the flag for FND if you are in any doubt at all keep going till you get the answer you need

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