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Part-time Wheelchair Use

I've recently got myself a wheelchair. After having used some courtesy ones in large public places, I realised what a difference it made.

I used to love walking. I don't drive and am used to being independent, zipping about on public transport.

However, these days, a short trip which I would not have thought twice about, exacerbates symptoms (especially dizziness, myoclonic jerks, 'cog-fog' and paresthesia) and leaves me with very little energy.

I'm a bit nervous about using it and not sure what the physio will say, but I had to do something to alleviate my various symptoms. I wonder why I feel less dizzy sitting down?

Can anyone give me any tips? Is it safe to walk behind my empty chair and use it for balance?

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If you do not lean on the handles, it is quite safe. Perhaps, a walker with a seat would be more convenient for you? Honestly, rolling a wheelchair for distances is a hard job, are you sure you will be less tired? Especially with the road obstacles like curbs and inclines. Just a thought, you can try and see how it goes. I was talked by a professional against using a wheelchair until I could somehow walk myself, as it does more harm than good when you have working leg muscles.


I've tried it over a third of my usual distance and you're right, it is hard. Great if I've someone to push me when needed and fine to push myself over smoother, more level surfaces, but probably not the answer to that problem. When I finally get to speak to an OT on my promised treatment course, I will ask their advice.


I think, you'd rather need a mobility scooter than a wheelchair. See if you can get one. A walker is still a good option, it gives you a chance to rest when you need it. Good luck.


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