fnd stroke like symptoms

hi i was diagnosed with fnd 4 months ago,i started to have real bad dizzy spells a while before other symptoms happened which are i lost the use of my right side and my speech went, i was in hospital for over a week , MRI and ct scan all showed negative,, then i was diagnosed with fnd, now 4 moths on i have severe pain and pressure in my head and and poor vision, pains in my arms and my mobility is not good, im always tired . i used to work but cant seem to fight this which i feel so low as not many GPS know about fnd , my doctor has put me on gabepentin im nearly on the highest dose and it doesn't seem to be working , so they are going to send me to a pain management clinic, if others have same symptoms please get in touch , really need some help as this is not living .

thanks carol x

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  • Hi Carol. I also suffered stroke like symptoms (though i was too stubborn to go to the hospital (as a medical prof. i knew it wasn't a real stroke!)). It's hard to find a Dr, if you look on FNDhope they have a list of Drs who are specialists in FND. I also suffer the pain and fatigue, i found amitryptline has been the most helpful for me. it helped the pain and in turn my mobility too. i know it's difficult right now but i truly hope things get better for you. ask you're dr about amitryptline and research a specalist. i hope this helps. take care of yourself. best wishes, beth x

  • hi ive been on anitriptline before for panic attacks , i was on them that long they gave terrible side affects, are u back to work , do we have fnd for life as im really not coping xx

  • Hi there,I am the same as you,also on gavapentin, I been diagnosed a year ago.

  • hi tracy has gavapentin worked for you, how u coping as im not at min x

  • I was diagnosed 18 months ago after struggling with constant headaches,twitching, weakness in left side. What made me go to GP was my face dropped with stroke like symptoms although I knew it wasn't a stroke. She said it looked like MS and sent me to hospital who did MRI on head and a lumber puncture and like everyone came back clear. Went to see Neurologist who said FND and prescribed amitryptline. It made an enormous difference straight away. I was lucky. On a routine blood test it was picked up my Vit D was horrendously low, I was blaming my tiredness on FND! Take Adcal twice a day and have energy again. I now have a fairly normal life and work full time. My manager and work nurse are fully aware of what I am going through and if they see me dragging my leg or twitching we just have a joke and brush it off. Hopefully if you bear with it you like me will be able put it to the back of your mind and carry on regardless. Take care Penny

  • thanks penny im so pleased your much better xx

  • Hi Carol,

    I was exactly like you this time last year. I started with dizziness breathlessness then weakness down my left side and pressure in my head. Then a week before Christmas I was taken to hospital with suspected stroke, complete loss of use in left arm, leg, face drooping, speech slurred etc I spent 3 days in the stroke ward before being given my fnd diagnosis. I had two more turns soon after which were similar and I had complete loss of use in left arm for a couple of months, I was also 7 months pregnant at the time, I felt so ill I couldn't even stand and spent most time in hospital. Like everyone else all tests came back clear. I felt so ill I never thought I would make it through giving birth but I had my daughter in February this year and it was completely plain sailing but my symptoms persisted but gradually got easier. It took months to get my strength back but now I can just about function again. Not a day goes by where I don't have symptoms but I think i have learnt to accept this is the way things are for now. Somedays are better than others ( some days I just can't accept things). My symptoms currently are dizziness, balance issues, muscle spasms, burning nerve pain, breathlessness, weakness left arm leg, tingling, pressure in head, the list goes on. Don't give up hope, we are strong to deal with this each and every day. I'm sure all those people, medical professionals etc who question what we have wouldn't be able to cope with this if they had it for just a day.

    Best wishes to Carol

    Louise x

  • thanks louise , yeah i know they couldnt cope with what were going through , i just want my life back , im putting in for pip but theres not much hope of getting it by the people on here have tried and had to appeal , hope u ok take care

    carol x

  • Hi, sorry to hear your experience. I get really awful nerve pain in my arms and legs. I take Gabapentin too. It works really well for the nerve pain but not the pain in all the muscles, tendons and joints nearby. I also take Ibuprofen and paracetamol regularly for this and Tramadol, if the pain is really bad. I found that too much Gabapentin made me exhausted but too little and I am in agony. So its a fine line. I also find that heat bags and ointments that create heat, help too.

    I hope that this is of some help. Best wishes,


  • hi thanks for that , its so fustrating when some doctors and consultants dont know much about fnd, are u still working as ive been on the sick for over 5 months and cant see me getting back to work soonxx

  • I have just come off gabapentin as my go thinks the symptoms are worse because of it,now on Lycra,so far still the same a week on.