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Non-epileptic seizures vs epileptic seizures


I developed seizures and then was diagnosed with CD 4 months later due to paralysis. I was just wondering if other people who have non-epileptic seizures (In NZ they are called pseudo seizures) also have any symptoms such as incontinence, vomiting etc during a seizure? It hasn't been confirmed that these are NES yet but if they are, then ill come off my anti epileptic meds.

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Yes I also get very sick incontinence but mine are nead I hate the term pseudoes

Aderial in reply to Lel466

I agree

i dont agree with that term.the truth is they dont have the technology to r/o seizures.i cail mine convulsions.if you want to try off meds,go for your episodes .keep a log


An EEG must be done to rule out epileptic seizures. Some medications have been found to help NEADS as well as conventional seizure meds. Just remember to NEVER change medications without the support and assistance from your doctor.

Do remember there are several types of non-epileptic seizures and they need to be looked at and given proper medial care to rule out possibility of a vascular disorder, autoimmune, blood clotting etc. ? wish you the best

I think those are epileptic. I have non epileptic seizures. I did alot of research into epilepsy and with non epileptic you remain conscience and you dont vomit. I wouldnt stop any meds till an eleptoligist tells you to.

hi, I've been diagnosed with NEAD and have attacks daily, but some of my attacks are and feel very different. They start with a funny rising sensation in my stomach which makes me feel nausea before having what we would call looks like a seizure. I've had seizures/attacks where I've had absences or brief loss of consciousness, loss of bladder control and coughing towards the end. My nose also feels really itchy. At present I've only had the one EEG which came back normal, but I'll be mentioning my symptoms again when I see the neuro next.

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