Bladders no good

I had a hysterectomy approximately six to seven years ago and I wasn't hospitalized couple years ago for Cephus and it's always because of my bladder so I've been using catheters But here lately it's been a lot of blood in my urine and I had a hysterectomy remind you And I can't sometimes I can't even use my catheters I don't know what's going on yet I have really talked to my doctor about it I'm kind of scared about it but I'm not going to do nothing about it if it happens it happens I'll just have to deal with pain

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  • Dont put it off,get in early and a good outcome is more likely,i put mine off thinking it was just old mans prostate swelling,how wrong i was.

  • Thank you for input ive been sick since born and i called dr he phoned in antibiotics. Again was sapose. To get me into urologist but? I think hes thinking septis. Again i hate er so ijust deal i have several kinds of pain. Meds. For other problems...i taken the antibiotics. Maybe. Will work ?

  • After my neo bladder was made the ureter developed scar tissue where it joins the neo bladder,i am booked in for another op to clear the tube but until i do i have regular bladder infections due to not being able to completely empty the bladder,maybe that could be your problem,i am sure the docs will look for that. And hope that you get some relief quite soon.:)

  • Thank you for your. Input. I will take antibiotics when. Gone see whats up 

  • Being prescribing antibiotics your Doctor should examine you.

  • I see neurologist. On the 12th thats. Part of my  ms. Stuff quits working i know. This hes sapose. To get me into urologist? ?? 

  • Wishing you all the best. Think positive. All will be well if you believe it will.

  • Missrae70... Nobody has to 'put up' with pain... Whatever the cause or source. You...are only human so don't feel you are failing...go to GP and get advice and/or pain relief....don't suffer in silence as the medics are trained and happy to help 👍

    Where is your it related to bladder cancer? 

    Good luck with your treatment 👍 

  • Thank you rita i still have to go do blood work, mri. Then the urologist. Bloodwork today, mri. Is may 11, but neurologist. Thinks it is more of neuro bladder? But if gp thinks i need a urologist dont you think he should speek up to neurologist. You know they dont think a patient. Knows .pain is in my gut, and my ms has aten up my alot of my spine so i walk hunched over, so yea i got pain but im tired of drs not listening! ....once again thanks rita.

  • Blood work and mri back. Wish i never went..... blood work shows ive got pml. Which is incurable.brain infection, mri showing they want to see if the c has gotten to kick in the. Ass. Im not letting them do biopsy. On the brain been dwelling on this for days 81% will end up fatal. :-{}

  • Blood in urine. See Doctor asap. Caught early you will be fine. Don't procrastinate

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