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Fight Prostate Cancer
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any hope ?

Hi guys

my darling dad at age 67 founded by psa 51 n/mg we start to piopsi and bone scan

cancer was G 3+5 = G8 and bone scan was negative

after 2 mount we had appointment for pet/ct scan

result was awful several skeleton metastases several lymphoma and sadly lungs is involve

doctor start to hormone and when i crying and asking for survival time he said it depend and run away from answer

my dad has not special pain in body but he cough to much...

i had 6 mount to 30 and my little sister want to mirage can you answer my how much time we have with treatment to ...

also we live in Iran and my country is under sanction and most of the drugs have much price and rarely funded in drugstore

thanks you

with hope for real cure

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My fathers PSA was over 900. He was 76 when diagnosed and there was no point in operating so he was treated with hormone therapy. He lived until 84 but he didn’t die from prostate cancer. Sorry I can’t be of more help and sorry your country is under sanction. I’ve met a few Iranian people and have found them to be great people. It’s always the innocent who suffer. Good luck.

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thank you my friend ... and im realy sorry for your father

and im so sad by D.Trump for stupid sanction on my country ..also cost ZYTIGA is 7 time more than my monthly salary and other cost raise by raisin the $$$$ price


Hi I don't really know if there is herbal help for your fathers problem, but it may pay you to research it, as there are some mighty powerful herbs around like black seed oil, that's off the top of my head.

A quick look and found you this below, also look up about turmeric, its another cancer fighter.




That is very sad. Survival depends on how well it responds to hormone therapy. Some respond really well - I met a man still doing ok 11 years after a diagnosis worse than your father's. Sadly some others barely respond at all.

The lower his PSA goes in response to hormone therapy, the better.

Surgery taking off the testicles is effective and often less expensive than Lupron, Firmagpn etc.


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