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Fight Prostate Cancer
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Prostate Cancer

So I’ve been having a good deal of issues with pain and that prompted me to see various Drs. and have various tests.

I currently sit here with (after those tests) with the knowledge that I have an enlarged prostate, a 1.7 psa at age 40 and a CT result that found a asymmetric focal hypodensity. I have an appt with a urologist on Monday but I am just really worried the signs are pointing towards prostate cancer. Any thoughts from people are appreciated.

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Hi RLS of course you recognise the possibility that you have Prostate cancer. Here's the pros and cons.

Cons first. I've had lots of PSA tests over the last 6 years. Now I have one every six months. I definitely know that PSA below 4.0 is normal. 1.7 sounds low to me. It doesn't indicate cancer. Also you say CT says a focal "hypo"density. That is LOW density, whereas I believe a tumour would be HIGHER density. Pain - I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 years ago. I never had any pain.

Furthermore, several years before that, I did have pain and other symptoms which were diagnosed as chronic prostatitis. Inflammation. Prostatitis can also cause the gland to enlarge.

If it's very inflamed, it's possible it can cause a cyst or abscess in the gland. This would be LOW density.

These are points against cancer.

I can't see anything FOR it!

However, it's still a possibility. I hope the urologist finds out what it is quickly and wish you luck.


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