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So unimpressed

Well it's been 12 hours since my last blog.

I'm in bed in pain, and I'm annoyed at myself for allowing my tutor for stressing me out yesterday and reducing me to tears. I honestly didn't think it had much of an effect of me as it has. Woke up in pain, she caused unnecessary pain on me by blackmailing me. (I think it's blackmailing me, she said go to the library or go in class and fail).

Problem with fibro is if you get the slightest bit of stress it can cause headaches/migraines, well it does for me, but she reduced me to tears, blackmailed me (if it is BM), and told me and another student off infront of the group making us feel tiny. So her reaction has caused a flare up. And when I go into college on Tuesday and I speak to the lady who is dealing with my bullying/discrimination complaint, I am going to tell her politely (as she nos about me and she nos my dad v.well) that the tutor in question has caused a flare up by her reaction yesterday and that it is/has prevented me from doing things with friends as I have been in pain. :(:(:(

But I have something to look forward to tomorrow, I am meeting a woman who is a friend of my best friend, she is very spiritual and would like to meet me as she says I have the gift of seeing people who have past away. So far I have seen a older man wear a top hat and a penguin tailed coat, my house was built in 1880's, I have seen my grandma and my mam. I would love to chat to them tomorrow, along with my aunty who past last year and my twin who died at just 7 months old. I haven't as of yet seen my aunty or sister. The lady is going to help me expand on my gift. :):)

Let me know what you think, I will get your messages tomorrow :)

Night all :)) xx

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Sounds interesting, would love to know how you get on tomorrow. Hope your problem with your tutor is resolved to your satisfaction, it shouldn't be happening to you and you're quite right, the smallest amount of stress sets my fibro off too. :)


Susan, it is because you are so sensitive that you flare up so easily, you need to rise above her.


Morning Honey,

I dont think your tutor ment to Black mailn you as you put it I suspect she was trying to encourage you in the right direction, it can be so difficult to help people in the right way!

Your flare I am sure is because you are ultra senitive at the moment to your surroundings and people. It would probably have flared anyway but a little confrontation is like putting coal on a fire it makes it burn more brightly.

How wonderful to have such a gift it is good to be able to see and talk to those whon have gone in front. Enjoy your gift but dont let it be too time consuming your exams are so important and will help you for the rest of your life. Have a good weekend xgins


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