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when will it end

what a week iv had ended up at a and e last week cos of serva pain in ankle got oramorph for it ,thought yes doing its job ,but last night my fibro decided to play up . didnt no what hurt the most . from top to toe , took half doze of oramorph to relive it . but befor 4 hours befor paracetmal,

dont want to get hooked on it , do i , but befor that went to sleep clinic to collect a wrist band thing to see how i sleep , ,even then i woke up 4 times in pain , so dont no what they make of it , or they mint send me back to do it again ho nows ,

I got phone call beging of week from dhss telling me i cant work due to illness and diabilty , which was a relive .

This morning i dont feel right again so im only up a bit then back to bed ,.

i will ring doc monday to tell her about the pain i been in , ,

got phone call from social worker and asked alot of quistions ,looking better for help know just to wait for them to see me , im getting worse every flipping day , but no one see me how bad i can get ,on a night time ,

anyway better get coffee as with tablets i get thirsty all the time

all have a good day .

soft hugs .

tink xx,

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Ohh you are having a bit of tough time and suffering its so not nice at all .

I am happy for you on Dhss side of things though a relief but still we all would prefer wrk and being healthier.

They dont realise though that a human being can only tolerate so much and you can not concentrate if in pain ..

Take care xxx



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