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Diet and fibromyalgia

Hi just been on to the uk fibro site and wondered if anyone had tried their nutrition diet suggestions with any success They reckon wheat and sugars can cause a lot of problems and by eliminating them would help with a lot of the niggling aches recurring boils etc Would be interested to know if its worked for anyone Hope you all have a good day

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Hi I am not the best person to answer this cos I have tried changing diets and cutting out sugar and replacing it with sweetners and that caused my ibs to flare up big time . I limit my caffiene to one cup of coffe a day... But I use sugar instead of sweetners I never touch any drink with sorbitol or aspartame or phenylalanine in it but cutting out wheat and potatoes made absolutely no difference to me... I do find chocolate tends to make my stomach bloat up so I limit that but other than giving up all artificial sweetners I have not found diets to be of any help to me personally


VG x


I agree with VG - if you find a particular food disagrees with you, then avoid it,

Most nutritionists think it's a bad idea to cut out major food groups, especially dairy and carbs.

It's quite easy to just avoid wheat for a bit, and so long as you have other cereals you shouldn't have any nutritional deficiencies, so that might be worth a try. It hasn't helped me, unfortunately, so I eat everything except artificial sweeteners which I loathe.

It's generally agreed however, that a good balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and very little fat and sugar, is of benefit to everyone, no matter what their state of health.

Moffy x


I have to say I too agree whith the others ,I have found that a little bit of what you fancy is o.k .

you know your body better than any one ,It would be a good idea if you jot down all the things you do eat during the day ,and whether that has coused you to be unwell or not as the case my be .

I was told by the nurse that took bloods for thyroid test ,that drinking plenty of water was good for you ,so when I said I drink up to 8 glasses a day as your told to do ,but its sparklin water that it was bad for my bones .;-( what can I say apart from do what you think is best for you .

Hugs and xxxx to all Tina


There is info on diet and fibro in this article:

It's not as simple as "cut out X". If it were, none of us would have symptoms :)


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