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I was diagnosed with fibro 20 years ago, handed an information leaflet, told that there is no treatment for the condition, just management of symptoms. and wished the best of luck..

Since then, although I can now make sense of some of the multitude of symptoms that had barraged me for years, and I have read sooo much information about the many and varied way that fibro can affect those who have it, I still have so much confusion.

For instance: I find that there are certain times where even with my glasses, my vision is blurred and unfocussed. I know that sometimes that happens when I an fatigued: but it happens very often when I am in the middle of a flare up. I have read conflicting information which tells me that this both is, and isn't a fibro symptom.

I have the fibro pain and burn that I recognise: then i have other. sharper, stronger pain in my joints which again both is and isn't recognised as a fibro problem. attempting to talk with the GP's at my surgery about this obviously meets with different reactions, as while some are sympathetic, they don't feel they can offer any help: others don't recognise fibromyalgia as a 'legitimate' diagnosis and offer treatment for neurosis.. and others offer medications that are more usually given for the treatment of psychosis.

I DO also have a rare mental health condition which can further complicate things by masking symptoms, or making them disappear altogether.. I have NO idea who to talk to about at least getting on top of the constant and severe flareups..

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The problem with fibro is affects all of us in different ways .. I have pain in my joints but I also have arthritis . I get occasional blurred vision which I know is due to my antidepressant med I take at night to help me sleep ... Over the last 23 years of fibro . I was diagnosed at 25 I have tried so many different meds alternative treatments and supplements some work lots didnt ...

In the past few months I after finding a sympathetic fibro GP I decided to stop trying new meds and just stick with the meds that help with pain , sleep and muscle spasms and leave me to manage my symptoms .....

If you feel your GP isn't helpful have you asked about being sent to a pain clinic to help manage your pain or a rheumatologist who can check if the pain in your joints is arthritis

Hope that has helped a little

VG x


It's worth having a full range of blood tests and a rheumatology consult to see if your joints are affected. A lot of us fibro sufferers have arthritis as well - I certainly do, tho' I have probably had fibro for around 30 years.

There isn't an awful lot of treatment which is specific for fibro, but quite a lot for arthritis, so you do need to establish what's going on.

We all know that fibro isn't a mental disorder, however, I am positive that psychological factors play a large part. Depression can be a problem, and there is no doubt that stress will make fibro much worse. Everyone 'somatises' their stress to some extent, but we seem to do it to excess!

As VG says, if your GP isn't helpful, give him a nudge in the right direction - or change to another practice!

Hope you find your particular solution soon

Moffy x


I have the same problems with my eyes.

sometimes the image in one eye freezes as if a photo.

I had a thorough eye check and its all fine.

I wonder whether the fibro affects the eye muscles too.



This sounds just like me and it is fybro symtoms U suffering.its so complexes I know good luck with the maze of it all.x


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