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Copy all forms

Some of you probably do this already but it is my experience that one sends of forms for benifits, housing and such other stuff and then if a query comes up are unable to remember what one put in the first place.

My advice is to photo copy or write down all the answers you give. We may fill in forms honestly and to the best of our knowledge but it only takes one weazily little jobsworth to try and trip us up later down the line.

Also, if you can manage it take a friend with you to imprtant appointments and especially iinterviews for benefits or 'talks' with social workers. It is important to have a note taker especially if you suffer from fibro fog and cannot easily remember what was said during the interview.

I come at this from the angle of my daughter unfortunately having her child put on the child protection register. There were some good reasons and some spurious ones that were cooked up.

Always do your research about any subject you are facing. Go into meetings armed with information, even government acts and social work guidelines on the subject on question.

Iknow the majority of social workers are honest and true but I have cought a couple out with blatent lying by actually ringing the persons they purported to have spoken to and found out that was not the case.

Watch out for weasel words in reports, things put in inverted commas, this is subjective reporting and open to question.

My grandson has been off the register for many years now and happily the problems from that time were resolved.

However, it got me in the habit of form copying and note taking which I now think is imperative when dealing with officialdom.

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I agreem I keep all copies as I know I would never remember what was said if I didn't . Foggy x


That's a very good tip, Spidey - one that I shall try very hard to remember! :O


Thank you for saying the majority of social workers are honest.

We have to use inverted commas if it is a quote from a customer. I do not know processes of any children's team as I work with adults. Please be assured that if you do not agree with a written assessment and support plan for you, you can change it as it is the customers plan. We do not send to other agencies without consent. If you have any other ,queries please ask. This information is up to date as of now. Although we are working with vastly reduced resources, we

Try to do our best for all our customers.

On matter of other forms, I keep a copy as dwp has lost 3 of my letters and also send them now by registered post, can't lose anymore.



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