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Just a few for you, if you can sit still for long enough :)


I was reading posts and replying to a few, when this pain behind my eye stopped me in my tracks. I had to close the pc, pill up and try to sleep, which actually went quite well.

This morning it took my partner 2 hours to wake me, I've been feeling exhausted and I've had the worst pains down my left side.

After driving my daughter to her interview and back (which is a long way when you live in Cornwall), I had to take my self back to bed. I managed to get up around 5pm.

I thought Fm wasn't a progressive syndrome?

Mine came on slowly over a few years. I've heard that it just happens, is this true?

Also, I keep experiencing these weird feelings that I'm finding hard to explain. There like palpitations but they go down my legs and into my feet every time I take a steep. I've been told it's anxiety, but It's not the usual experience of anxiety I have. Does anyone else have these feelings down there legs? and how would you explain, how it feels?

Thanks Tracy

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Hi have pain down my side but have had an twitch in my eye and always got realy tight stiff muscles in my shoulders and neck with anxiety x Cherokee 68


Hi Tracy, I get palpitations on a regular basis, I also find that when I stand from sitting I get palpitations,feel dizzy and my legs get wobbly, but no pain. Go get checked out, it's probably nothing. Hope this helpful :)


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