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Why can't I have pain free feet?!

Recovering from a bunion operation, so I can't get into my own shoes, so I'm wearing someone else's trainers, two sizes two big, due to swelling. Trouble is though, I have a two day conference to go to tomorrow, office wear expected, and although i will have a crutch, so I look like something's wrong, I'm embarrassed to be wearing trainers.

I don't want to be in pain, don't want to take two pairs of shoes as it ll be too heavy.

Should I put up with the pain? Or the embarrassment? I know I shouldn't be embarrassed, but I know I will be!

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As you have had an op I am guessing you are on sick leave so unless the conference is vitally important you shouldn't really be expected to go, and also if you squeeze your feet into normal sized footwear you could end up damaging your foot again so If you have to go I would go in clothes that go with the trainers and say I have come here when I should be off sick ....and be comfortable... But then I have cultivated a very thick skin along with my fibro and arthritis and don't get embarrassed...

I would always advocate putting your health first

VG x


I agree with very grumpy, your health is more important than your footwear, mind you I quite frequently go barefoot, regardless of where I am, I too have developed a thick skin, with the level of pain I have to cope with I'm damned if I'm going to worry about upsetting someone's idea of etiquette!

Hope you find a solution & cope with your conference

Cobweb. X


Barefoot is worse! Thank you both. I will be wearing my trainers, and enjoying the conference. Sitting down a lot!


As a qualified podiatrist the best type of footwear would be something round at the front and made of soft material that is flexible something like slippers especially ones with a velcro strap to fasten them. A lot of my patients after a similar operation would wear mens slipper due to their wider fitting. I hope this helps.


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