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Using Kindle for last week has been ghastly but now

my lovely laptop has returned with a new screen wow what a difference and all because my silly hand slipped an my thumb pressed to hard on the screen the result was lines lines lines so take my fibro friends, New screen has improved e visual aspects so much the colour is glorious nd I marvel at the improvement.

Glad to be back properly


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Glad to have you back :) with or without the roman army... If you do have any left can you bring them with you over to the circus tent .... Yes you heard right..... If you look up I am perched on a trapeeze while Sandra gallops round half naked and KazF makes everyone clean up and moffy... She's sloped off to buy booze



Yay !!!!



It's good to see you back. :-)

Now that you can see us properly, we need you in the big top - Sandra's budgies are flying around madly (Moffy left the bar unattended and I think they got in the jar of maraschino cherries), VG's snake is hanging off the trapeeze, trying to drink a bucket of water, only really its gin, there's lions, and elephants, and ponies all over the place. Oh, it's mayhem!

Please come and help



Ohhhh hi wanderer returns hehehehehe i should diddly think so as your flowers needs watering its hard wrk trying to keep up and no one does it better than the flower lady herself.

OOo kindle (not got one) but....

I bought my daughter a GoTab recently and you can do exactly what a kindle does, its same size but does a million other things ie Internet, fb, play games ohhhh lots just like a laptop but just like kindle touch screen and was only £79.99

Its great



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