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Princess and the pea? I know how you feel!

Poor dear! Was she the first undiagnosed woman on record? No one thought to ask her? Well, in the age of quacks what else could she expect?

Why do we or right now I, have to cope with this? Until tonight it was my upper thighs only and I put it down to release of pressure from sitting most of the day. But currently I am mostly standing or walking about, yey! So maybe that's why it's migrated down to include my calves?

So, to add to insomnia for the past three weeks, fortunately not all night, I now cannot drop of without feeling absolutely every crease of the sheets, every slight lump in the pillow supports, every bit of pressure on my toes from draping duvet cover.(they are tented above) and the inability to lay on my side for the deep ache it creates!

No, I am not in pain, just discomfort, but enough to stop me staying still. Restless legs? Yes and more.

I am currently enjoying being able to walk better and more, discovering my latest limits, though fearful someone will say something and this reprieve will lead to my losing my mobility allowance so I will be stuck again!

But put the three together and I think I may just sleep walk, it'll make life easier! Going off to meditate now as I its a good distraction from the almost pain. I do hope this will improve or my doctor may soon see me!

Soft hugs

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I really think you need to see your GP and get some advice or meds for your insomnia, everything we go through is always worse without sleep , out of 23 years with fibro it's only the last year I got a wonderful combo of meds so I sleep most nights and life is Definately better with sleep

Good luck

VG x


Oh dear heavens- I am sooo glad it's not just me!

My brain just wont SHUT UP! And the restless, irritating, uncomfortable legs wont cease! I was taking Amitrityline which helped (albeit only a little bit) with the sleep but did nothing for my fog or pain. I'm now on Pregabilin, but being 01:13 now, I can safely say it isn't helping with sleep and certainly isn't helping with the pain- but on the plus side - I can believe myself to be a REAL princess with a bag of peas under my mattresses. :)


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