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Newbie Here, Just Saying Hi!

I have just joined, I have Fibro, HMS, and several other health isues. I have just passed my ESA assessment and migrated from IB to ESA last week, without a medical. Thye have put me in the Support group. I have been lurking for some time ( that sounds a bit sinister and stalkerish lol) but decided to take the plunge to see if I can offer any help and support to others in our siutation, look forward to getting to know you all.

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Welcome here though I bet like all of us you wish you didn't have fibro so have to be here

There's loads of information and great people here so I hope you enjoy it

VG x


Hi Silverstar,

Welcome to our community. This is a space to have a moan and a groan, or a laugh, or even to find out useful stuff! Hope you have a good time here with fellow 'fibromites'

Best Wishes ... Moffy x


Morning Silverstar

welsome to the group. I dont know what i did before i joined they are all so friendly

Belinda x


Welcome Silverstar i think you will find this site very helpful.You will find that how strange you feel or happening ,you are not alone and the only one,you can throw almost anything at this site and people will help you.jacksiex


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