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Seems i am famous and know why the famous explode with the papers lol

Seems i am famous and know why the famous explode with the papers lol

Yes this is me in the paper and first the title as i am 'mrs' then the age (the biggest laugh but most flattering) 50's omg laughed so much

But 3rdly

The most important i knew nothing about any of this, i had no solicitor (obviously spoke on my behalf)

The police was fine at the start (back in August some will remember i mentioned this)

Then i had to start chasing

Then this

The best bit of all though as much as i am publicly displayed and goodness did i know through friends and family over past couple of days as been on phone until 11 at night plus wrk and my 12 yr old on her 2nd lot antibiotics now.

Had staff sick in Hospital suspected gallstones and still waiting to hear how she doing,

Alsorts of things so think the invisible stress has caused my sinus and head and hand flare

Been in that much agony even typing is hard , also my printer broke (in middle doing wages and wkly sheets for girls)

I pulled the new printer out bag and set my hand off so much i wanted to cry boooo lol but am toughy.

The best thing as your waiting is he is getting sentenced and he has been publicly named so atlast !!! There is good and bad to this as above because i am a business so you google my name and comes up with Fairymaid so it could put a strain on things as fear of obvious things.

I am very confident very bubbly and have not much in fear except wasps and bit chlostraphobic and hate car washes hahaha

We have been advised to draft a letter and send to the Yorkshire evening post for this and ask apology.

I was speechless when mil phoned me i thought was winding me up LOL yeahh yeahh haha

I posted on fb as i was last to hear lol

So thats my week.

So enjoy been on here for a giggle and being around others

Xxxxxxxhope all is not too bad aboard the qwerty ship xx i shall have a wander round and see whos aboard and whats been going on , who is causing tricky tricks and who is in sick bay.. X

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Ooh, what happened, Fairy?

I must have missed that, but if you are famous we shall all have to ask for your autograph. Has the newspaper got the details wrong? They often do!

I'm sorry it's made you stressful and worsened your symptoms - take care and try to relax and rest when you can.

Waiting with bated breath for further developements!

Love ...Moffy xxx


Haha lady moth,

Ohh no am excited he deserved it maybe i have stress unknowingly.

It happened back in August!

I would of prefered

Young lady makes a stand and is determined to teach a thug a lesson after an explosive incident taking her car keys,

She may not have the strength but the pen is sure mightier and so is a court room,

This will not happen to anyone else as this thug has done it twice before and has got away with it, but not with 'Mrs Knightley' she took him all the way .. All the way to jail!!

Now thats my preference lol.

I guess there is stress underneath as bound to be because i could get a beating i could be coaxed to a house for a quote and arranged to be sorted out and this was a risk taken only i knew nothing about it going in the paper so yes a bit annoyed the police did not warn me or ask me , i was inundated with it instead :-/

I did not have paper that evening so i did post on fb if anyone i knew had seen it and copy paste it.

It was down to a lane from a roundabout which lane i was in usually is to turn left and go straight on! I must of hag foggy head that day as was getting spasms too in neck, i was taking some keys back to a customer, so i was going straight on and noticed a silver car appear from no where going fast luckily i was observant enough as was quick i put my hand up letting him go realising i was 'wrong' then continued on but as he did pass he had anger and was shouting stuff, i took no notice carried on but he kept emergency stopping in front of me on this very long road, i had cars behind me it was 40mph i ended up slowing rite down as holding others behind me . Got to a cross roads with traffic lights he was turning right i was going ahead, i slowly drove past him said with my hands whTs up with you phone the number on back my car with thumb and little finger if problem as my window was down, i continued ahead and next thing i know he raged out of his lane burning tyres how no cars were hit is unreal and he stopped diagonally infront of me (sideways) no idea how i never hit him!! He got out his car ran to mine had fists head at my face swearing effing and blinding and took my keys whilst engine on ran to his and stormed off with smoke coming from wheels , i was stuck holding traffic at peak time and no one could over take until pop side lights turned green and was gaps. I got out and got some offers of help then another landrover came to help, police came they searched area , i went home, he was found resisted arrest admitted it then decided later to keep no commenting!

I had to do ID 3wk later that was correct ,

Then he went court pleaded not guilty then it ended up Crown court other day on 9th he must of thought i back out but no i did not he needed to be taught a lesson because he done before twice.

Told them my health problems and i guess this why did all without me.

The last straw would be crown court and i had option of a screen but never went.

He gets sentenced on Monday so i await to hear :-)

My mum advised me not to go at all as much as i think am ok she thinks it be icing for me as its not nice xx

So there ya go , its just my job i do tons of houses and lots of quotes and i have been taking my hubby with me!!

He is 6ft 2 shrunk now bless.

As you just don't know!

I asked he get his licence and banned from driving

But its upto judges i guess .


Cazzie xx i am usually known as very giddy bubbly and not the kind to deal any trouble noooo way hozay xx


Wow - what a story - what a nightmare!

Well, thanks for telling me all about it.

I really hope that ignorant sonofabitch loses his licence and gets a kick up the jacksie from the court - I'm sure that would make you feel better. Unfortunately the courts are notoriously lenient with such thugs!

Ah well, we live in hope!

Take care Moffy xx


well as I could not see the paper clipping I am glad you explained it. Good on you for making a stand but boo to those that never warned you that it was going to be in the paper xxxxx


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