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DLA Turned Down

I was awarded DLA 3 years ago, the caters allowance, when I re-applied

Last year it was turned down. The CAB told me to

Appeal but I didn't because I don't want people to look at me when I'm out

Walking the dog or delivering a cake ( I run a cake business) & for them to

say there is nothing wrong with her & report me.

Your opinions would be appreciated.

Debs xx

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If you need it, you should have it. Remember its proper use, and if you should be entitled get your doctor to write about your condition. I work and still get DLA for mobility scooter. You must appeal. Don't let them get you down. Also, anyone watching you and judging cannot see your full needs.

Today I managed to walk three isles before I had to give in and use a wheelchair. I told the DLA I cannot walk from one front door to another, which is true 98% of the time. Why should I not enjoy the other 2%?

If any of us get reported, you still get the chance to appeal and prove you do need it. Chin up and be proud enough of yourself to push for your entitlements!

Good luck!


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