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Chrystal healing there anyone that knows about them?

Is there anyone on here that knows about chrystal healing stones,I would like to carry a little stone in my bag or have some around my home but am unsure what sort of stone it is for healing,I know I'm probably grasping at straws here and it isnt fibro related but i thought somebody might know a little bit about them,thank you...Julie xx

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Hi Julie,

Crystals of rose quartz and amethyst are supposed to bring tranquility and healing to those who wear them.

They are inexpensive and very attractive, so I don't see any harm in them, but I don't personally think there will be much effect - other than the fact that their beauty gives you pleasure, which is always a good thing!

I would say, however, that you should be very wary of people who practice 'crystal healing' and charge you a lot of money - I am sure most of them are charlatans out to make cash from the vulnerable.

My daughter makes jewellery from semi-precious stones, and selling it has helped her to 'heal' her student loan - but that's another story! It is a lovely hobby tho', and very relaxing, so maybe you could try that?

Sparkly hugs ...Moffy xxx

P.S. I don't expect diamonds would heal me, but I reckon a few large ones would make me feel a lot better!


Hi moffy

Thanks for your reply,I know that things like crystals are not something that would give anyone the medical effect they are after...if thats the right wording..but Its just for the peace and tranquility that it could bring,it would just give me the pleasure like you said,maybe just something to focus on when resting.

It's wonderful to hear your daughter is healing her student loan,its a very clever way to make some money and I wish her every success,its so tough for students these days.

As for the diamonds...oh yes I think we could all do with a few of those...must write note to Santa!...and lots of sparkly hugs to you too...Julie xx


I too think crystals have a part to play, but like everything they aren't a cure. Haemotite is good for joints and circulation. I wear a bracelet with it in and combine it with rose quartz. I have a rose quartz by my bed as well as amethyst. Whether they help or not is down to the individuals belief. They can't do know harm. I am a Reiki healer and people say it helps them, and I do use in on myself. Whatever works for you. The psychological effects are often the best. Good luck


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