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Side effects of Cymbalta

Hi All, I have been on Cymbalta ( Duloxatine) now for a few months and since the day i started it i have not slept one whole night!

I used to be able to go to bed and sleep , maybe the pain would wake me to change position or i would need to take some meds but, i would always manage to get back off to sleep.

Now i wake after a few hours and that is me up and through in the lounge, TV on and i am really hungry, breakfast cereal, toast and coffee but then i don't bother eating through the day. I have put weight on since i started taking these tablets and they have done nothing for my pain...

Back to the drawing board i think....

Has anybody had any success with meds that helped with sleep and pain ???

love and hugs Fi xxx

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Cymbalta, well I started this about 2 years ago, like you I thought it

Was rubbish so stopped taking it, only to find that it did in fact work,

No it does not take all the pain away just a little, it was first prescribed

For diabetics who get lots of pain in there legs because there pain is

A similar pain to us they did started to give it to us as well.

First I would tell you that you start on a low amount then your doctor

Should increase it

It will not work for a few months it takes a time I am afraid, but also

When you get a flare and feel a little fed up it does help a little, but

It's not a cure, no drug helps a 100 per cent. With fibro but you do

Get used to some of the pain

As for sleeping, well it does not say any where when to take cymbalta

It's best in the morning otherwise you may not sleep, but saying this

It still takes a time to get used to this medication.

Also if you have been sleeping with fibro you are very lucky because

Most of sleep very rarely. It's a nasty thing fibro

I hope this helps a little



Sorry forgot to say, cymbalta effects people in different

Ways I expect it's one of the medication I have taken that

Takes my apatite away, maybe it was because you were

But of course it may be different for you good luck


I take 60mgs take it when I go to bed thought it was doing me no good till I came off it and started having cataplexy and ended up being diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy.

Back on it now i dont sleep properly on a night but thats due to the narcolepsy and hopefully one day I might get a refreshing sleep then the fibro may get better too.


Hello there Fiona, it would be a good idea to have a meds review with your GP. If your meds don't suit you or aren't helping you for the reason they were prescribed, you need to speak to your Doctor about this. There is help out there, other meds which could help your sleep problems with minimal or no side effects.

Tell your GP that you need help regarding getting to sleep and your pain. Please don't suffer when there is help out there.

Please let us know how you get on, take care. (((hug))) xxx



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