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Was it from Mary Poppins? Itwas certainly on the promenade at Blackpool. What was it?

This thought came from reading a blog that was questioned and I have thought hard and the endorphines we release when we write about humourous things are good for fibro! Anything that is good is blinking wonderful now the answer is the Laughing Policeman. We used to sell animated toys based on him and every one that came in the shop would start to smile and then break into laughter - it is infection at its best like watch Morcamb and Wise again still funny today. If you do not remember what the policeman sang here it is

There was a fat policeman he lived just down our street (cannot remember) but then he starts to laugh ...................ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha by the time he has finished your sides are sore :) His name was Penrose.

I hope you ALL have a laugh with me today xgins come on VG lets do it!

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Laughter is definately the BEST medicine!!!!! :D xx


Ok I have it sorted... My OH builds a maze from our wild lawn, you take the entrance fee, ozzygirl is building a log flume to go through our pond, I will charge for drying my son will sell garden gnomes that look like a certain member of our site, looks innocent but coughs gins name and your OH half gins can stand at the dead end of the maze dressed as a policeman, singing that song laughing at the lost people and as he cant hear he wont be able to direct them to the way out, and I can send next doors dog in with a keg of brandy to save the lost souls for another small fee....That's if my insane neighbour doesn't have a fit and come and cut it all down while people are still in it.... Is there a name for a person who has a neat lawn obsession. Anyway here's are the lyrics ... Start teaching your OH......

I know a fat old policeman, he's always on our street

Fat jolly red-fasced man, he really is a treat

He's too kind for a policeman, he's never known to frown

And everybody says he is the happiest man in town.

He laughs upon point duty, he laughs upon his beat

He laughs at everybody while he's walking down the street

He never can stop laughing, he says he never tried

Well, once he did arrest a man, and laughed until he cried

He jolly face it wrinkled and then he shut his eyes

He opened his great mouth, it was a wondrous size

He said I must arrest you, but he didn't know what for

And then he started laughing until he cracked his jaw

So if you chance to meet him, when walking round the town

Just shake him by his fat old hand and give him half a crown

His eyes will beam and sparkle, he'll gurgle wth delight

And he'll start in laughing with all his blessed might.



smiling from ear to there ---------- well done worth at least half a crown we must be the same two sides :) xgins


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