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Hi all thought I would tell you about my weight problems. With the fibro I put on a fair amount especially after going onto pregablin,then I lost my mum and my eating went haywire. Last year I joined slimmi ng world and to my surprise I lost three an a half stone. Trouble was I actually became pretty depressed on that diet. Everyone thought I would be over the moon at loosing so much weight buti wasn't. I think I was disappointed as it hadn't cured me. For some reason I thought I would get my life back once I lost weight but I didn't. Yes it was nice to see a new slimline me but my self esteem was still very low. I was quite worried soo finished with slimming world and began to see a nutritionist who explained the low fat diet probably wasn't helping the chemicals in my brain causing a depression. She tried a full fat diet but eating healthily but the weight flew back on:( she was also trying new supplements on me and then my ibs went haywire. I was so freaked out by it all(and also the cost of seeing her) I stopped seeing her. Now I feel I'm back in no mans land. I've started reading a book about overeating and food addiction which I'm pretty sure I have. It has very good reviews on amazon by people who also have this problem. It's very easy to get addicted to food usually the sugar causes it. I don't drink or smoke so I'm getting a boost from sugar. I want to try and get a hold on this before I get fat again.

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  • I'm realy sorry to about the loss of your mum,I know what it's like to lose a parent,I lost my dad 15 years ago and I still miss him dearly,I too have put on weight,I was diagnosed with fibro this time last year and also put on pregabalin and since then I have put on 2 stone,iv always been a skinny minny all my life,iv gone from a size 8 and I'm just going into a size 14,I'm very unhappy about it at the moment,I realy can't stop eating sweet foods,I'm feel hungry all the time,I went to the Docs yesterday which I have posted a blog 'update on 3 posts' anyway just before I left I said to him I would make another appointment to see what I can do about the weight gain,it seems a common problem this weight gain and pregabalin,this the first time in my life I have ever been fat and I'm 46 years old! I had decided that in the new year to get myself sorted,I think that fibro suffers need a different sort of diet,I wouldn't say you have a food addiction,I would say its most deffinately the meds,de pression is a real prob with fibro,it seems we are just going round and round in circles! I know you probably think your alone with this weight gain problem but you are no way alone,I don't think dieting before Xmas is much good which is why I'm going to diet in the new year,have you spoken to your Doc about this problem and how it is making you feel?just remember you do not have a food addiction and you are not alone in this,you take care Hun and try and be kind to yourself...xx

  • Hi-- I posted a question about 6 days ago "do you find hunger makes your fibro symptoms worse?" -- I got lots of interesting replies (so take a look at it) -- I think the problem with fibro is that as soon as you feel hungry and your sugar levels drop (as you have mentioned you get a boost from the sugar!) then our symptoms worsen quickly and we crave "sugar" as a quick fix to lessen our symptoms. I don't think that you are a "food addict" you are just craving the sugar. I find that by eating small healthy snacks/meals regularly (say every 2 hours) -- similar to a diabetic -- then I don't crave sugar in the same way. I actually find it quite hard to eat large meals (can't remember the last time I had a 3-course meal!) and my body is "happier" to eat "little and often" -- maybe you could try it for a few days. When I am really craving sugar I treat myself to a few squares of dark (plain) chocolate. I have porridge or an "oaty" cereal for breakfast and make homemade carrot/sweet potato soup for lunch and have veg or rice or pasta and fish/meat for tea. Like you I don't smoke/drink alcohol so enjoying food is life's "pleasure". Sometimes the meds and feeling "low" can affect weight. Like you I lost a lot of weight when I was first diagnosed with FM and although I became very skinny I too did not really feel any better about myself. I am now a healthy size 12/14 and try and follow a balanced diet (a mix of fruit/veg/protein/fats) and apply the motto of "little and often". I don't think "strict" diets work for us -- just eating a sensible balanced diet is the best policy. take care xx

  • Hi I to have put on about 2 stone since taking pregabablin . I was already over weight before taking it. My Dr didn't tell me that you gained weight . The only thing it does help with my Fibro so it's a vishsus circle to no what best x

  • I put on a lot of weight over the years and ballooned up to 20 stone. I do not blame the fibro for that as I love my food, and that was the cause. But I did get to the stage where I knew the excess weight was making the fibro worse and I also knew that weight loss would not cure it, but would make moving about easier for me. I lived on salads for two years and lost 7 stone. I have since put 2 back on, then lost it again as the COPD causes weight loss. So I have to increase the calories slightly to take the COPD into account. But overall I jump between 13 and 15 stone so I am fine with that. But if I get anyheavier I will just go to salads again xxxxx

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